Thursday, February 10, 2011

His ACTUAL birthday

Our family started a small tradition beginning with Rebekah's 4th birthday.  We party BIG the day OF the actual birthday.  Previous - William and I saved it all for the party.  But that year we happened to be moving and I was highly concerned about her birthday being over shadowed.  We loved the tradition SO MUCH that we have kept it.

Personally, I love that it is just us.  No fuss from any extended family.  No stress of party planning.  No busy bee activities because of whatever is going on...when family gets involved our lives get very very busy.  And I often feel like *WE* don't get to celebrate.  Of course I don't want to exclude the extended family!  They love our kids too.  But...I enjoy that private special moment that we share.  I know it won't last, so it is a cherished moment for me.

Peter woke up and he immediately knew what day it was...and was particularly excited.  Rebekah was JUST as excited to give her gifts to him. They were bouncing all over.  We had put the gifts on the table and had anticipated letting him open 1.  A backpack - so he could take it to school right away. The kids love their backpacks...but SO DO I!  It makes pick-up at school so much easier!  So he was pretty darn excited to open something and I pointed him towards that present.

BUT - Rebekah was so eager to give him one of the gifts from her that he ended up opening 2.  I mean can you tell your kid "NO!  You can't give your brother his gift yet!?!?!"  I guess I could but it seems so mean.  I certainly don't want to squash her giving spirit!

Peter and Rebekah first thing in the morning - messy hair and all!

His backpack...
So he opened up the backpack (and loved it) and a remote control motorcycle she picked out for him.  He spent a lot of time playing with it and we had trouble getting him to get dressed for the day. ;-)  Shocker right?

I have yet another birthday tradition...I take the kids' birthdays off and spend the day doing whatever the birthday child wants.  This year for Peter's birthday...well, he got the shaft.  I didn't have anymore time off to be able to do that.  (I had thought I would, but I miscalculated my vacation time.)  His birthday was just the week after I returned to work from maternity leave.

Instead (and to help make myself feel better) I took him to breakfast that morning to the restaurant of his choice.  He chose Jimmy's Egg.  (I was sort of hoping for Panera...oh well!)  To my surprise, he ordered an omelet.  I had thought he'd ask for sausage...but he didn't.  (I actually just ordered those extra, because I know how well he likes sausage links.)  He ate quite a bit of the omelet and a good bit of the sausage.  He nibbled on the potatoes.  OH - and he hate all the grapes out of my fruit bowl.  :-)

We also happened to run into Ryan, a little boy who is near and dear to both Peter and Rebekah's heart.  Peter was sure Ryan was there for his birthday breakfast, and had a little trouble understanding it was a coincidence.  They were just finishing up when we arrived, but the two got to talk to them for a bit before they headed out.

Peter wanted to stay with me, and it simply pulled at my heart strings.  I wanted more than anything to spend the day with him - but instead I took him to school.  It was a beautiful day too - the high around 60 degrees.

That evening he opened the rest of his presents.  He received (in no order of importance): batman pjs (even has a cape lol), batman backpack, light-sabor sword, remote control motor cycle, and clothes for his koala bear.  I think that is it...but it seems like I'm missing something.  He had a good birthday. ;-)

Of course the birthday kid gets to have his choice of birthday dinner.  Peter chose chicken nuggets, broccoli and carrots. The kids ate it up - probably the best they've eaten in quite some time. ;-)

Birthday kid also gets to pick their birthday dessert.  It can be cake, but doesn't have too be.  We asked Peter, and he said he wanted and pink ones.  So we thought about it - and decided to get some cupcakes from a local bakery.  William chose some with some orange on them and pink cups.  He got some sort of caramel cupcake, carrot cake and "wedding cake".  They were very good!

Yeah - we let him have two...

He ate the icing...and that was pretty much it.  (As usual!)

She was telling a story...but I thought this was hilarious!

The batman pjs are a size too big...but it was all they had. :-)

Ruth even had a little playtime...

Some of the gifts (the motorcycle and light-sabor).

Peter had a good birthday.  As soon as I get some vacation time, I intend to take a day off with Peter.

I found it interesting his birthday was such a beautiful day.  The weekend he was born there was supposed to be an ice storm, but it never formalized.  The day we brought him home it was so warm he didn't even need a jacket.  I don't recall his first birthday, but his second birthday we spent the time at the zoo.  It was also a pretty day.  So there must be something about pretty days at the end of January. :-)

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