Thursday, February 10, 2011

The web slinging party

Peter's party was a lot of fun. We had family over and did a family only gathering. (We are planning not starting "friend" parties until 5.)

Peter chose a spider-man party (which isn't shocking at all).  So we decked out the place in spider-man decor.  Of course we had cake.  For dinner we had BBQ - at Peter's request.  We gave him a choice between BBQ and pizza.  I was genuinely surprised he didn't select pizza.  What can I say - his eating habits have been surprising lately!

Our families were generous and Peter again received a lot of great presents.  He still plays with them all. I can't even tell you a favorite among them.

It was such a great time with our families.  I think Peter had a great time and I was thankful everyone made time for him.  I don't have any stories - other than one thing I found surprising is that my brother actually got down in the floor and played with Rebekah and Peter.  This isn't normal for him.  Either he is becoming more "kid-friendly" OR they are just getting old enough for him to feel comfortable playing with them. After all, not everyone is a baby person. ;-)

And for the record - my lovely sister-in-law was there...I just didn't have a picture of her. :-P  She is camera shy!

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