Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm still laughing...

This last week the kids were squabbling in the other room.  I heard Peter begin crying.

He came in all teary eyed and I asked what was wrong.  "My foot hurts!" he sobbed.  I picked him up, kissed him and looked at his foot.

"Well buddy, how did you hurt your foot?" Peter replied "Rebekah did it!"  I sighed and told him he would be fine and sent him on his way.

A minute later Rebekah came in.  "Peter hit me!  And he kicked me!"

I sighed again and said "Well, he says you hurt his foot.  Sounds like maybe you guys are all even and you all need to start being nicer to one another."

At this Rebekah became indignant.  Bobbing her head and shaking her finger at me (she was only missing a tapping foot), Rebekah said "I did NOT hurt his foot!  Do you want to know how he hurt his foot?  He hurt his foot by KICKING me!"

I busted up laughing.  At this, she just became more indignant and of course just fueled my laughter.  I eventually calmed down - and William explained I wasn't laughing at her issue.  (He didn't really say what I was laughing at - thankfully.)  He then called Peter in and had a talking to with him (to help Rebekah feel righted).

But I'm still laughing.  It was a funny moment that I'm sure I will treasure for quite some time.

Another funny you-really-shouldn't-be-laughing moment...yesterday.  We all laid down for a nap.  Rebekah was sleeping.  William was sleeping.  I was dozing.  I thought Peter had fallen asleep.  Shortly later, he came in and I told him to quietly look at books.  I was dozing.  I didn't think much about it.  I did put together that he had potentially fallen asleep for 30 min or so.  That was surprising, because he normally stays asleep once he falls asleep.  (That should have been my first clue.)

That night when I went to bed I noticed my deodorant in the floor.  Then I noticed pieces of it.  THEN I noticed that my nightstand was "painted" white.  I now know what he was doing for the 30 min.  I busted up laughing and showed William.

I know I should be mad!  But I'm simply not!  I wish I had taken a picture.

I did make him clean it up the next morning and told him my deodorant was not a toy.  He surprisingly did a wonderful job of cleaning it up without complaint.  I was shocked really.  (I expected to have to threaten him a few times.)

He got into it again today.  I couldn't help but quietly laugh to myself again...

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