Sunday, February 6, 2011

More to come

I have so much to say...snow, more snow, work, illness, birthdays...but alas I seem to run out of TIME.  I have been exhausted and turning into a pumpkin right around 9:00 PM.  I sometimes go all rebel and stay up until 9:30...I know!  I miss my afternoon naps dearly.  (I got one today - which has enabled me to stay up until the wee hours of the morning...10:30!)

Anyway - this is a picture that Rebekah drew.  I didn't ask her what/who it was but I can take a guess.  She has been drawing lots of ballerinas lately.  I found it adorable and wanted to share.  All of her people lately have a couple characteristics...huge armpits and clown feet.  I love it. :-)  I think the arm pit circles are actually ruffles but I can't be sure.  (I tried asking once and didn't get anywhere.  I got a look of puzzlement...'They are arms mom!')

So enjoy this artwork - I surely do!

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