Thursday, January 27, 2011

Peter is THREE !!!

Today my little boy turns 3.  I have a post saved up about today's activities...but today I just wanted to reflect on life with Peter.

This morning I was thinking about his babyhood.  The honest truth is I've forgotten much of it.  It was a pretty stressful time for me.  Peter was high needs and finances were tight.  We had decided to sell our house and move while I was pregnant, but Peter would be almost 2 before we finally move.

I mostly remember being numb and bogged down during his babyhood.

Now none of this is the case.  Things are quite different.  We of course are taking steps to fix our finances (debt free - woo hoo!), but more than that I think I finally adjusted to being a mother to more than 1 child. 

Peter is loud and passionate.  He still will tell you what he needs exactly and even has a superb vocabulary to go with it.  He idolizes his big sister and will do anything she tells him too - even if it is wrong.  He is fond of being a big brother and adores his little sister...much to her chagrin at times.

I love his huge hugs and slobbery kisses.  I love the fact he still likes to cuddle up with me.  In the morning he will often ask for "one more cuddle" when I tell him I have to get up.  (The kids always crawl into our bed in the wee hours of the morning.)  And there isn't very much that will melt my stone cold heart - but Peter's little frownie face will get me every single time.  (By the way - Ruth is developing her own frownie face.  I don't think I've ever seen Rebekah frown!)

And as sensitive as little Peter is, he will kick/punch/hit with the best of them.  We've been working on this...

Peter is also very self aware.  He told me today that he didn't want to go to the museum with Rebekah's class on Friday because he might get scared and cry.  This isn't the first time he's told me something like this.  He realizes new places and sometimes new things frighten him.  (The real reason he isn't going is because he isn't really old enough to appreciate this particular museum...and I don't want to spend the trip getting after him to leave stuff alone versus helping Rebekah enjoy the museum herself!)

Right now he is a little boy who is growing up so fast.  He enjoys doing things with big kids and I even sometimes forget that he is just now 3.  Peter can count to 10 as well as count items up to ten.  He knows all his colors.  When Rebekah has homework he proudly declares he wants to do homework too!  (We usually let him do his own version of her homework!)

I can't believe my little pumpkin Peter is 3.  Where oh where has the time gone?  I've only just blinked...

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