Saturday, February 12, 2011

Too, to and two

William took Peter bowling today.  Rebekah had the option to go, but chose not too.  (She isn't a huge fan of bowling.  I can't blame her. ;-))  While gone,  I had mentioned maybe we'd have a girls outing or something next weekend.

Then at dinner Rebekah says "I think I know where we can go!"  She whispered in my ear "To the library!"  I said (outloud) "I think Peter would enjoy that too. I think we should take him with us!"

We moved on and started talking about other things.  Then Rebekah (who must have been thinking about it) says "Peter can come to the library too!"

Peter stops eating and says "I'm three!" and holds up 3 fingers.  I smiled and said "Why yes you are!"  Peter then said "Not 2!"  William said "No one said you were two?"  Peter replied "Rebekah did!"

Then it dawned on us...Peter mistook the "too" for "two".  So we started explaining that sometimes words sound alike but mean different things.  "Rebekah meant 'Peter can come to the library also'.  Also is another word for T-O-O too, which shouldn't be confused with T-W-O two."

Peter just looked at us.  Then William said "Well, would this sentence make sense?  'Peter can come to the library three!'"  The kids burst out laughing and then all sorts of jokes were made utilizing 'three' in an incorrect manner.

I've heard so many times that English is so hard to learn for people who are non-native speakers.  You know, I think there is a degree of difficulty for native ones too. :-) 

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