Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wellness Warriors: Week 6

We had our weekly Wellness Warriors meeting last night.  William was asking me if I had figured out how long this was going to take.. suspect it will go on as long as I need to loose weight.  Which is sort of neat...but something we probably need to do some schedule rearranging over.  (Maybe.)

The meeting we discussed what we learned over the past month and what our goals will be for next month...and we shared numbers about our weight loss.  Each of the group members have lost double digits.  Me?  Not so much.  But...I'm happy to share I have lost 3 lbs.  And I am SO excited about those 3 little pounds.  My goal for next month is to loose another 5.  I've kept it small, because I simply do not loose weight quickly.

I also shared that the thing I've learned is that I always have time for exercise.  Always. I thought I was way too busy for it - but somehow have managed to fit it in.  (I've been taking 30-35 min walks with my friend over lunch.  We have been covering about 1.8 miles each day!)  I also shared how I was offended at Chantel's blanket statement in her book Never Say Diet that not exercising is just an excuse...but eventually found that to be true.  ;-)  She laughed. 

I could identify with a couple of the other things that were discussed as well.  One gal discussed that she found food as an addiction.  I can say that I have also felt this.  The sensory pleasure of having something in my mouth has definitely played a huge role in my eating and size.  Another gal talked about how her entire family was overweight - and she sort of thought she would always be too.  Same here.  It amazes me the lies that our enemy will whisper to us.

This week I feel so energized. I feel like I am *this close* to reaching my goals.  I'm super pumped that William is making good healthy choices for his life too.  It means I have a chance to grow old with him, which makes me happy. :-)  It means when we are old together, maybe we will both be fit...so we can go out and do things together that make us happy. 

I've been blogging over at Wellness Warriors too.  I'm not going to cross-post I don't think...but I am going to be sure to post in both places regularly. :-)

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Janette said...

Wow -- see I"m so far behind, I had to do some backtracking to figure out what this "welness warriors" was about LOL!! GOOD for you!! I need something like this to keep me accountable, encouraged, and on track!! I think it is soooo much easier when the spouse does it alongside you (me) because when they are eating the bowl of ice cream at night and you are stuck with grapes, it just doesn't quite seem fair haha!! Good luck -- I'm rooting you on from the sidelines!! :)