Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Which team...

Last Thur I picked up Rebekah and Peter.  Rebekah asked me what my favorite team was.

I said "What kind of team?"  She replied "You know...your FAVORITE team!!!" 

So I smiled and asked her what my choices were.  Shes aid "K-state, Jayhawks, Bishop Carol, Cubs, Heights, Vikings or the Bears."

I tried fruitlessly to explain that she has all sorts of different kinds of teams there...so I could have multiple favorites.  She would reply exasperated "Just PICK one!"  So I chose Bears!  :-P  (I do like Cubs for baseball, but I'd much rather sit through a football game than a baseball game!)

I believe Rebekah's class talks about sports a lot. The other day she was chanting "GO HEIGHTS!"  Shoot - if I was going to program a high school sports team into her, I'd surely go with my Alma mater!  ;-)

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