Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Be warned my rat-hating friends! :-)

Alley has been doing ok ever since Marshmallow left us.  I have noticed a few quirks.  A couple days ago, she spent nearly all day sleeping in her food bowl.

She is a food hoarder anyway...whenever you feed her, she takes it and hides elsewhere in the cage.  (This is actually a bad thing - I umm...sometimes forget to feed her!)  But anyway...this particular day she was cozying up to the bowl.  I guess she wanted to see if it would make a suitable sleeping place.

She was already fond of sitting in it peering out at us.  Awwww!  Poor thing - probably wants out more.  I'd love too - but whenever I let her out I spend the evening itchy.  I *do* open up the cage a couple times a week and let her run on the couch when William hangs out upstairs. :-)


Janette said...

You know the saying "Curiosity kills the cat"?? Yeah -- that'd be me...sooo now I have goosebumps and sweaty palms from reading that post. Seriously -- on the couch? With those sweet kids in dangers way LOL?? Yean I'd itch too hahaha!! :))

Miriam said...

You know, I almost titled this post "Janette/Charity - beware and read at your own risk!" ;-) But I thought that was a little long and then I wondered if I had any OTHER rat hating friends! :-D At least I warned ya right?

And yep - she runs around on the couches. Marshmallow used to as well...they would just run back and forth. It is easier than putting them in the floor for exercise...there isn't much they can get get into on the couches! :-) Well...we do have a couple little nibble spots from them...heh.