Friday, April 8, 2011

Promise fulfilled

One of the concerns I had when moving regarded Rebekah's schooling.  We were leaving a very good district.  It was a top rated school and I mourned this more than anything.  I knew we were going to be living in an area with a spotty record.  But over time God showed me that if I care about her school, how much more does God care?  He has already explained to me He loves her more than I could ever imagine...which amazes me because I love her a lot.

So earlier in the year we attended the Choices Fair.  We found a school that was completely different than where we thought we wanted...and ironically it was one that we ended up talking too strictly because Rebekah went over there and started chatting it up with the teachers.  I probably would not have elected to talk to them otherwise. 

I do not believe in coincidence or luck.

So God chatted with me and although this magnet school was originally supposed to be our Plan B, the more I realized it was our Plan A.  We (God and I) talked about it for a few weeks and He showed me why Plan B was a better plan.  So I shared this with William and explained to him all the reasons that the Lord and I had been talking about.  And so Plan B became Plan A. 

I had total and complete peace about it, simply because God and I had been talking about it so much.  Today on my way home God and I were again chatting.  We were talking about various things.  Life stuff.  It was a very casual chat.  As I pulled into my driveway the Lord told me to check the mail.

Here's the thing - I never check the mail.  The last time I checked the mail, I almost lost a bill and William was pretty mad.  He has a system.  I don't want to mess with the HE gets the mail. 

But of course I was obedient.  I opened up the mail box and saw a package.  I pulled it out and when I saw the label I recalled I had ordered some stuff for Alley's cage.  I thought "Oh, sweet!"  Then underneath it was an envelope. I pulled it out and saw it was from the school district I knew immediately why God had sent me to the mailbox.

Rebekah was selected for our new Plan A.  Of course she was.  It is God's plan.

And the irony that the only stuff in the mailbox was for me is also not lost.  I never get mail!  :-)

So God fulfilled his promise.  Again. 

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William S. said...

My favorite part of reading the acceptance letter was how it said something like:

"Congratulations, your child has been selected from the random drawing..."

We both know it wasn't random, or by chance. :)