Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No I have not hit my head

There have been signs up around work for the Girls on the Run 5K coming up in May.  The pink caught my eye - it isn't a normal color you see in a drab gray male dominated environment.  I passed by the signs a few times, trying to look as I passed.  It didn't work very well.  So finally I stopped and examined one in depth.

A 5K benefit run.  Girls only.  Near Mother's day.  "Hmm, that's nice." I thought and moved along.

Then this crazy idea hit me...what if...what if I ran in this 5K...or at least try?

I posted on Facebook about it and was shocked really at the response.  A LOT of people to me I should do it...even if I couldn't run the entire thing. (The response may even have been the second most popular to the announcement of Ruth being born...seriously.)

That evening I mentioned it in the Wellness Warriors meeting.  Chantel told me I should do it and gave me some running tips.  Then she made me promise to register (in her loving Chantel way). 

So the next morning I woke up all excited.  I attempted to register, but the online registry only takes Visa/MasterCard - neither of which I have.  So I am going to mail mine in.  (I forgot to do that yesterday...will do it today.  I swear.)  Then it dawned on me...I should probably "train" for this thing.  I don't have much time (a month!), but I can give it a try!

Yesterday I left work on time (something I rarely do) and rushed home to get in a quick run before I went to get the kids.  I eagerly stretched and setup my phone to track my information (I have an app that tracks how far I go...helps me to keep track of my exercise for the week!).  I put on some myself situated...and set off on a brisk paced walk.  I walked for a couple minutes before my eagerness overtook me and I broke out into a jog.  I wasn't fast by any means...but I was ruuuuunnnnniiiiiinnnnnngggggg!!!  My pride puffed out as I thought "I'm a runner! I'm doing it!"  And then exactly 30 seconds later the huffing and puffing set in.  I worked on regulating my breathing, but it didn't take long to degenerate to convincing myself to keep going...that I wasn't really dying yet!  I set a goal that I was going to run to the next street sign - and I focused on it.  I made it and was very happy for myself.

I walked for awhile, ran, walked, ran some more...walked some more.  I ended up going about a half mile before turning around.  The total route ended up being 1.03 miles at an average speed of about 4 mph.  I was gone for a total of 15 minutes - but let me tell you it felt like forever!  I have a long way to go!

Here is my outlook on the 5K at this point in time.  I'm eager to do it.  I know I can walk the entire thing in an hour.  (I can walk 2 miles now in about 40 minutes...I walk regularly with my friend during the week.)  SO - if I beat an hour and I finish (which I will, that is not really even a question here) then I will have accomplished something!  I'm kind of excited to see what will happen over the next 3.5 weeks.  :-)

One last tidbit - I think I've convinced a few people to join me.  My friend Janette even suggested making it the next women's outing at our church.  I thought it was a brilliant idea - so that idea is going to come to fruition.  HOW FUN to bring folks along with me in this crazy journey of mine?


Lisa R said...

Way to go Miriam! I'm so proud of you for signing up for the 5k! Wuhoo!

Janette said...

Way to go in your training -- you're doing great already! Proud of you...and I plan to start out on the line with ya that morning!! Woohoo!! :) Hope we can get some fellow LOCC'ers with us!! :)

Miriam said...

Lisa - Well THANKS! Definitely something different for me! hahaha!

Janette - I'm looking forward to it! I think we ARE in fact going to have some LOCC'ers with us too! I heard some buzz this morning! :-)