Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another two gone!

This last week...

- I ran 1.4 miles (can I round that up to 1.5???)
- I then ran another mile AND beat my record (it was just under 14 minutes)
- I have lost another 2 lbs (for a total of 7 since I started wellness warriors)

I've been enjoying the running...surprisingly so!  Although - I am fairly certain that when it gets warmer the running will cease.  I ran in 80 degree weather and wasn't very fond of it.  Heat just isn't my thing.

But - with my amazing running improvements, I'm hoping I won't make a complete fool of myself at this 5K! :-)


Janette said...

Yeah for YOU!!! And...even if you walked the entire 5K..you would be FAR from making a fool of yourself!! It's great that you've signed up....gotten others of us pumped up to try it....and that you're going for it!! :))

Miriam said...

Thank YOU! :-) Mutual cheer-leader-encouragement!