Friday, April 29, 2011

Peter's non-Girlie nails

I finally got around to painting Rebekah's nails (with her new nail polish) on Tuesday. Of course Peter wanted his nails painted too.  What can I say?  He loves his big sis!  And he does want to be like her in many ways.  This was not the first time.
As I painted Rebekah's nails Peter dug through the various colors looking for one he wanted.  Rebekah picked up a glitter polish and said "Hey Peter, how about this color?"  Peter very seriously considers it and then very seriously says "Nah, I don't want to look girlie."

William and I just looked at each other and suppressed the giggles.

He picked out a blue-ish color - a first for him.  The problem was that this blue-ish color came out more clear when it went on your nails.  He didn't like that so he picked another color.

Hot pink.

Yes, I painted my sons nails hot pink.

Today he came home and told me his friends at school didn't like his nails.  I said "Well, do YOU like them?"  He beamed and said "YES!  I do!"  I told him that was all that matters and he was happy with that.

Another couple Peter funnies...we were out to eat at a restaurant and he was wearing a shirt with the mascot from the local university.   Peter asked the waitress if she liked his "double-shoe" shirt (aka W.S.U.). 

Last week the kids were squabbling in the back of the car.  Peter pulled Rebekah's hair.  We told him that wasn't nice...and he apologized to Rebekah then held up a few strands of hair he had pulled out and them back to her.  Couldn't help but laugh...but a sweet gesture right?  hahaha!

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