Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Fun

Easter is a huge holiday for me.  I love to stop and reflect on it.  Because of the special meaning it has for me as a Christian, I sometimes have trouble with some of the commercialism that goes along with it.  (Why do we do that as humans?  Market everything?)  But...I do try to do some of the basics.

Like coloring eggs...

It is a fun little activity I guess.  I don't really understand what it has to do with Jesus' death and resurrection...I mean, you can make up some meaning.  Again - the kids enjoy it.  (It is so hard to balance cultural norms with holidays sometimes!)


About the only thing William has ever been super passionate about was doing Santa. I grew up not doing Santa, and always struggled with the idea of Santa.  But we decided while I was pg with Rebekah that we would go ahead and do Santa...but no Easter Bunny.  ( creepy characters for Halloween.)

I did put together baskets.  But I didn't put any candy (knowing they were going to get a bunch from the church egg hunt the next day).

Each kid got a Bible (toddler version for Peter and Beg. Reader for Rebekah), nerf guns, socks, movie, another book, coupon eggs, coloring pages for Peter and nail polish for Rebekah.

The gun was a huge hit with Peter.  Rebekah went nuts over her nail polish.  Surprisingly, she was patient when I said I couldn't paint her nails right that second.

Rebekah's are on the left and Peter's are on the right

The coupon ideas came from FB.  I posted requesting ideas and this came up.  I loved it.  So I drew out coupons for each child.  They each have an activity with each parent and then one for the entire family.  When Rebekah opened hers, she said "Oh these are so cute!  Who drew these?  They did a great job!"  LOL  Peter opened his up and said "How did this paper get in this egg?"  I think he is still having trouble understanding the concept.  Rebekah gets it.  (Please note how she gets ice-cream with is a sacrifice but someone has to make it!) 

The 3 in their outfits

I took like 15 pictures...this was the best one. LOL  Getting all 3 faces and smiles is a huge task!

For Peter's egg hunt, for some reason they requested his age group get the eggs off the cement.  He really wanted to get them from the grass.  I didn't yell at him too much - it is supposed to be fun after all.

Peter is smitten with Savannah!

The kids had fun.  Today Rebekah informed me she was sad we didn't have an egg hunt at home.  Ah well...they normally do.  This year they had the kids dump and return the plastic eggs.  Previous years they did not and so the kids would come home and hide the eggs over and over.

I loved my Easter weekend.  It was jam packed with fun.  Friday I took Peter to his first ever movie and we saw Rio (cute movie - I liked it!).  Saturday we decorated the Easter eggs.  Sunday of course we had church and we later took the kids to the zoo.  I have had a serious case of the Monday-blues that I am still working to get over.  I'm hoping they are gone by Friday. ;-)

Oh - and Rebekah did ask me where the baskets came from.  I asked her what she thought.  She thought about it for a moment then said "I think from YOU!"  If she had said Easter Bunny - I would have let her think it.  But I was highly relieved when she said that. :-)

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