Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ruth at 6 1/2 months

Waaaaahhhhhh!  When I came to this realization I about fell over.  I had only realized she was 5 months already about the week before.  Where has time gone?

I haven't taken the traditional bear picture yet (I did for 5 mo but never posted).  I thought I'd share what Ruth is doing before we get to 7!

Ruth is a smilee baby.  It is the thing she is noticed for.  She is also giggly.  And friendly.  And slobbery...LOL

Ruth is also rolling now.  Just this week she has figured out she can roll over multiple times to get somewhere.  She LOVES to play with toys.  I don't recall the other two playing quite as much as she does.  Maybe it goes back to her independence?  She will occupy herself with toys for quite some time.  This is a relief to me - allows me to sit her down and get stuff done.

This last Saturday we had a big milestone. 

She had her first solids!  For her first meal we gave her baby oatmeal mixed with breast-milk of course!

Rebekah did most of the feeding.  We let Peter also have a turn but his interest did not last.  Rebekah had a lot of fun feeding Ruth.

Ruth loved it.  We still need to get a high chair (last one broke), so she didn't get to play in it much.  BUT she loved fiddling with the bowl and spitting it out (of course).

The time is simply going too fast.  :'-(


Janette said...

SO cute! I will agree she is sooo smiley and happy!! What a blessing...and of course, the independence is a great thing as well! :)

(woohoo -- 34 min after posting, I have not only read it but commented LOL)! :)

Miriam said...

LOL Janette - you crack me up! :-)