Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Peter funnies, Ruth tricks and Rebekah's big changes

Another hilarious Peter story...at dinner the other night Rebekah asked for more fruit.  I looked at her plate and saw it was mostly empty.  William said "Eat a piece of chicken...then you can have more fruit."  Dinner was comprised of teriyaki chicken, broccoli and fruit.  Rebekah hopped up and went to the restroom.

It was at this point in time I realized that she had broccoli under her plate.  The scene struck me as funny.  I said "Looks like Rebekah needs to find a better spot to hide her broccoli!"  William looked over and laughed and agreed.  Then Peter piped up..."She should hide it down her throat!"

Of course William and I laughed for what seemed like forever while Peter beamed.  I had a piece of pineapple in my mouth and so was attempting to keep the pineapple in my mouth while I involuntarily laughed.  It feels good to have such a good laugh every now and then.

For the record - Rebekah does like broccoli.  When she came back I noticed she would take out piece of broccoli from under her plate and eat them.  So I am not sure why she put them there.

In other news, this weekend we had another Ruth milestone.  William and I were going out.  The only way the kids let us out of the house is if we leave someone fun behind to watch them.  This particular evening, it was going to be two teenage girls that are favorites of Rebekah and Peter.  Their mom, Jan, stopped by to drop them off and we chatted briefly.  William was holding Ruth when he started to say that Ruth sort of waived earlier to a teacher at the daycare.  As if she understood what we were talking about, she began to demonstrate...and waived at Jan.  (This of course was her first OFFICIAL waive since I was witness to it!)

Ruth waived at the two girls as we left (we took Ruth with us) and later waived at me during dinner.  Her little waive is so stinking cute!  I definitely need to get some video.  She holds her arm up for awhile then sort of turns her wrist.  When everyone makes a huge deal out of it she just beams in pride!

I had to laugh at church on Sunday, because I shared her waiving with a few folks.  Before Ruth could actually waive, they would get excited, grab her hand and shake it...all the while telling her what a great job she was doing at waiving.  I found it funny...because they missed the actual waive.  (And I wonder if they thought I was making it up?)

And lastly - we went to kindergarten roundup at Rebekah's new school.  We were late - but that is OK.  It worked out.  We met a few of the teachers and chatted with them.  They were pretty friendly.  Rebekah's favorite part?  Dodger, the blank panther (and school mascot) showed up.  Hot dogs were also served (her favorite food).  On our way in we also passed by a library and she was in aw that the school had its own library.  I believe she views the school as Utopia...haha! 

We chatted with the teachers and they took me a little more seriously this time when I discussed Rebekah being advanced.  That was nice and gave me a little more peace.  And I was pretty excited about what some of the advanced kids do...they write a book together.  The school then gets it published and each kid gets a copy.  How neat is that?  We talked extensively about reading and not so much math.  But she will be advanced mathematically too. I'm sure it will be OK - they seemed genuinely interested in keeping her challenged which is a good thing.

One last thing is that all the teachers seemed genuinely excited to be there.  They wanted to teach and they wanted to teach at that school.  That is a good sign of a good principle.  YAY!  I'm so excited for Rebekah!

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