Thursday, June 16, 2011

Peter's hawk

The other day Peter brought my hair gel to me and said "Mom, I want spiky hair." I told him no problem and proceeded to spike it.  His hair was kinda long (he really needed a hair cut!), so it ended up looking much like a Mohawk.

He loved it and was hooked.  A couple days later William took him for a haircut.  Peter told the lady he wanted a Mohawk.  William told her it was fine - give him one!  Well, she didn't.  She just sorta left it longer on the top.  It's all good - Peter loves it.  That is the most important thing.

Peter also loves mowing.  The other day the boys were going to mow the lawn (I forget where we girls were - but I had both of them with me).  The mower broke.  Peter mournfully informed me that the batteries had died on the mower.  :-)  It had in fact broke, so William had to buy a new one.  And Peter talked for probably a week about the broken mower and how sad he was that they didn't get to mow!

William broke out the new mower for the first time yesterday.  Peter watched William mow for awhile before he simply couldn't stand it anymore and hopped up to help.

He thought helping to mow was the coolest thing ever.  You can also see his new do here.

As if a Mohawk weren't enough, Peter decided to give a lip ring a try.

So Mohawks, lip rings?  What will be next?  I have no idea but I honestly can't wait to find out.  Peter makes me laugh daily!  And he certainly marches to the beat of his own drum.  I appreciate that about him!

I also have recently noticed some behavior that reminds me of my brother.  When my brother was a kid, he used to have all kinds of things in his bed.  Toys.  Books.  Whatever!  Stuff!  I wondered how he was ever comfortable in his bed with all that clutter!

Apparently this is a boy trait.  I've noticed Peter does the same thing.  I try to keep his bed clear, but there always ends up being stuff in his bed!  Yes, that is a car in his hand...!!!

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