Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Getting debt free...making progress

I haven't really talked to much about our financial freedom goal.  The goal is still there, very much alive and present in our lives.  Nearly all of our sentences begin with "When we are debt free" and end with "as soon as we get that paid off".  We completed the Financial Peace University, and have been living it daily.  And because it is such an every day thing, there hasn't been a whole lot to report.  But this week we ran into something interesting. Previously, the Lord had told me how much He was going to help us pay off twice as much debt this year as we did last year.

William likes to crunch them from time to time - it makes him happy.  And this past week he was crunching away.  He decided to see how much debt we paid so far this year, and with known income and expenses, how much are we projecting to pay by the end of the year.  William was startled to find that we are right on target to pay off the amount the Lord promised.  :-)  I find it exciting we can already see that He is doing it with absolutely no explanation as to how it is being done.  We haven't received anything "extra" that would amount to it.  This is a complete God thing.

I also thought I'd share how much we have paid off so far in debt since we started seriously down this road.  It has been about a year and a half.  And in that year and a half we have sold our house, made lots of sacrifices and had a baby.  It has been an eventful year and a half!

$31,372 - amount of debut paid off so far.

This is the year of trim for me.  I'm trimming my fat and I'm trimming my debt.  I'm trimming all of the unhealthy things out of my life.  And when all of the trimming is done, it will look like there is nothing left.  My life will resemble a rose bush after a pruning.  There will be nothing left but the stem that is my core being.  And just like a rose bush, after a season I'll sprout leaves and flower buds.  I'll flourish and become the beautiful bush that God intended.

I'm looking forward to it.  But please - don't everyone sniff me at once!

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