Tuesday, June 7, 2011

River Run: 2 Mile Race Recap

Historically, the River Festival here in town is the first week in May.  They moved it this year, because it always seems to rain out the big events.  Boy did they pick a winner weekend - we have had record heat this past couple weeks.  The temperatures have been hitting in the low 100s.  Typically, we don't reach the 100s until July.

That is the long way of me saying...it was hot.  I ran the Thur before (did a full 2 miles) and I knew the heat was going to affect me.  But I still felt my 27 minute goal was do-able.  I was just going to have to really concentrate.

Friday night I had a tough time going to sleep.  I had planned on going on a walk with my mom, but due to the heat (she has a lot of trouble in the heat!) we didn't.  I was left with a lot of energy...I wanted to go run a few blocks to "get my wiggles out" as the kids like to say.  Of course it was entirely to late to do any kind of running outside.  I just settled for starring at my ceiling, picturing myself running. ;-) 

William and the kids went with me so that they could cheer me on at the finish!  It was really great knowing they were there.  In fact, I would venture to say my time was "as good" as it was, because I knew they were waiting on me.  Plus the kids were being whinny and I sorta felt bad for William  hanging out in the heat with whinny children!  :-P  We parked by the finish line and I walked to the start line.  It was about a half mile to the start line...a very nice warm up!  (I wished later I had logged it with my app! haha!)

I hopped in the start line and thought I was far enough back.  I made this same mistake at Girls on the Run too!  I ended up entirely to far forward.  Something happened, maybe everyone got antsy...but suddenly the crowd lurched forward.  And I ended up waaaaaay in front.  Yipes!

A couple mistakes were made by me on this race.  The first thing that happened was that I did not drink nearly enough water that morning.  I realized it very early in the race.  And there were no water stops.  I actually did get dizzy during a portion of the race, but kept on going.  My rationale was simply that the quicker I got there, the faster I could get something to drink!

My second mistake was made simply because I'm still pretty new to racing.  I know it is so important to pace yourself.  And I tried really really hard!  I watched the ground, focused on my music and attempted to ignore all the feet.  But it was SO crowded that even looking at the ground didn't help and I was swept up in the crowd!  I ended up running way to fast for probably the first half mile (or more).  And this (combined with lack of water and heat) caused me to run my energy out to quickly.

Or so I told myself.

And I really think one more thing happened to me.  I knew I had made the first two mistakes very early in the race.  A friend of mine was chatting with me about running at work on Friday. He said "I always tell people that running is 90% mental...and the other 10% happens to be mental!"  This kept running through my head.  I think I had a mental problem too!  And this bothers me more than anything!  I'm really mad at myself for not powering through it all.  I mean, I always want to quit running!  That is nothing new!  But I always rely on what I know to be true and not what I'm telling myself.  (For example, if I really feel like walking, but it has only been a half mile I just keep going...I know I can do 1.5 miles with no problems!)  I stopped running at the 1 mile mark and started walking.  And I had a lot of trouble starting to run again.  I've always been a "just do it" kind of person...so I'm pretty disappointed that I didn't.  I let myself make a lot of excuses.

As I approached the finish line I did make sure I was running.  Why?  My kids were watching!  My husband was watching!  Later - I found out my pastor's wife and family were watching!  (A couple of their kids ran the race...but they finished WAY faster than me!)  Who wants to walk with everyone watching? HAHA!  So I'm glad they were there to help motivate me to get my rear end going!

Well after the race (I'm already home!)...notice my face is STILL red!
We didn't get any pictures taken at the race.  William was pretty busy corralling the kids!  So when we got home I had him snap a couple pictures of me. 

2 out of 3 reasons I run...
My official time was 28:06.  I don't have a good mile breakdown...the numbers my phone have don't really add up.

Per my phone:
Mile 1: 12:01
Mile 2: 15:23

Which - if it was remotely correct then it would be close to 28:06.  The overall time my phone had was 28:47.  The extra 41 seconds on the overall timer actually does make sense because I was so thirsty - I went directly for the water station before I turned off the timer.  I moved enough that it didn't auto-pause.  Plus I started it a little bit before I crossed the start line.  So that all makes sense to me.  I am just puzzled about my recorded mile times.  I think maybe the course was a little longer than 2 miles...and that could account for some of it.

Anyway!  So I am not at all proud of my 2 mile run.  And William pointed out that at least I did it.  And he has a point. :-)  I did do it.  With each race I will get better at pacing myself!  I will get better at the mental stuff!

There will be no more races from me until fall.  I will probably try to do another 2 then - both 5K's.  I need more time to train (meaning longer than 20-30 minutes for running!) before I feel comfortable attempting anything longer.

But - I'm going to try to continue running outside for the summer.  I do not have access to a track, and can't bring myself to run on a treadmill.  (I hated treadmills way before I ever started running!)  We'll see how long I go.  Plan B may be to join up the Y and run over there to use the track.  I will take more time out of my day - but I think I could potentially make it work.  We'll see how it goes and what happens. :-)  I don't want to stop, that is for sure!  (Please don't tell me to run in early morning or late evening...if I felt I had the time I definitely would!  So I'm squeezing it in where I can!)  I did run yesterday in 100 degree weather and came out OK...so I do feel it is doable!


AshleyC said...

I think this is a good recap! The overall times (at least for the winners of the 10K) were about 2 minutes behind the results in 2003. (I accidentally clicked those from google rather than going through the run wichita site for this years results) so... the heat is REALLY valid. And the hydration thing is a biggy. Hydration the DAY before makes a big difference, as well as that day (I read that somewhere).

I haven't been too pleased with my last 3 race times... and know that most of it is mental. AND---the fact that I don't push myself enough during training... I think there's part of my that just enjoys the slow running and I'm not going to improve until I'm ready to push myself with some consistency during training, too!

Keep up the good work! (And, I can't say it enough---- when music isn't enough---try a sermon you've missed(or one you know you should/want to hear again!), it's a GREAT way to take your mind off of how much you want to walk, but if you get side-tracked, you can get back into it again (unlike listening to a book))

Janette said...

I'm with William -- at least you DID it so be pleased with yourself for at least that. Numbers are just that...numbers! Yes they mark a goal or a PR or a vision of what you'd like to have happen or what you'd like to improve on....BUT they are just numbers. Aside from focusing on the numbers...you just completed your 2nd RACE and that is awesome!! I wish I could have been there to do it with you!

I TOTALLY agree that running is 200% mental. I think that is where my biggest problems lies right now. I find that I stop running when I THINK I'm dying...but then realize no...I was just bored and needed a break from running. WHAT?? That is frustrating to me because I was running 3.1 miles back in the winter so I know I CAN!!! If you want to throw those numbers in there...I was running that distance in 35ish minutes. Now I just wish I could run that distance no matter how long it took me, but I can't seem to get back there! I truly believe it's a mental game, but not sure!

Keep it up!! I do believe I will try going to the Y to run on the track and see if that makes a difference. For whatever reason, I have always done better on the track than outside! I think it's because I feel like I'm making progress when I can "cross" off each lap of 28 I need to make 3.1 miles...but outside the end seems like it will never get here!!

Miriam said...

Ashley - I'll have to check out the podcasts. :-) And I think I'd be OK going slower...except I want to fit in longer distances within the same time. :-P I have a fixed time amount...so the only way to increase my distance is to run faster. And that is my only motivation!

Janette - going in (multiple) circles is demotivating for me! You will get back in the jogging game! Start with what makes you happy! I'm hoping to be able to keep up with you at the next race. My GOAL is to run 3.1 in 35 min like you...I feel like I'd be able to go that distance regularly if I can get it in that time! :-D

And thanks to BOTH of you for all your encouragement! It is appreciated! :-D