Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ruth at 8 months

Waaaaah!  I'm starting to hate these posts.  The time just goes by too fast.

As you can see - she can sit up for longer periods of time.  And this past weekend, I had her sitting in the crook of the couch (so she was inclined), and she worked herself to a sitting position from there.  She was pretty proud of herself, as was Rebekah (who cheered her on!).

She is still adorable sitting up.  She will point her toes forward balancing.  Love it. :)


We still do not have a high chair (shame on us).  We need to - I know.  By now I usually have the kids using their fingers and eating whatever they can put in their mouth.  For now, we are on jar foods.  She is eating at the sitters too.  I wouldn't bother with the jar foods at home (because honestly two meals is enough), but she gets mad at being left out of meals and is much happier if she gets to "eat".  I have to say, of the 3 kids she has been most interested in partaking!  I certainly don't recall the others being so vocal.

Wasn't too sure of carrots at first - but she warmed up to them!

She is also rather independent.  This should not be a shock.  But she really has to have some involvement with the spoon going in her mouth and simply opening up and letting you do the deed will not do.  This is no big deal, except when we are in a hurry.  She can get pretty messy.

Bibs are required!

No sign of crawling...meaning she isn't anywhere near to figuring it out.  She does prop herself up and rock her front, but she still has to get the whole back-end-coordination thing going.  And I believe she is definitely interested in getting around...nothing makes her madder quicker than being abandoned by her beloved brother and sister.

She will sorta play peek-a-boo.  It doesn't hold her interest for too long.  (It was one of Peter's favorite games!) She is still smiley as all get out (and the thing that she is known for). 

Yesterday I sat her in the booth between Peter and I at a restaurant.  Peter was showing her how to bounce in the seat...and she did her best to follow his lead.  Just as Peter looks to Rebekah for leadership, I'm certain Ruth will look to Peter and Rebekah.  Nevermind what Mom says...what do I know anyway? 

And it is clear Ruth's absolute favorite people are Rebekah and Peter.  I certainly wouldn't have it any other way!

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