Friday, June 24, 2011

Scale update

I weighed myself yesterday.

Before I get to that...I just wanted to share a few more thoughts on running!

Reasons to run:

  1. You can do it anywhere.  Jog in place in your living room? Sure!  Track?  Park?  Neighborhood?  No problem!  
  2. Low cost start up.  You just need a pair of sneakers!  And sometimes, not even anyone?  (No I am NOT crazy!)
  3. Versatile.  Competitive?  Sure.  Want some time by yourself?  No problem.  Want to hang out with some friends?  Of course!  Running is all of these things.
  4. There is always some goal to reach.  You are never "there".
  5. It is hard...and I like challenges.
I think those are some pretty compelling reasons.  Furthermore...I've talked with a few people lately that WISH they could run.  Due to poor physical health, they can't.  And I'm happy I'm not in that boat.  I might as well run while I can right?

And now back to the scale...the ugly ugly scale.  I haven't weighed myself in almost two weeks.  The scale and I are simply not friends.  I fear every single time I step onto that scale that I will see a gain.  And that is tough for me to swallow.  BUT - it is important to weigh yourself regularly...otherwise it is difficult to tell if the right things are being done for weight loss.  :)  If weight isn't being lost, then something has to change!

So I dutifully weighed myself...*drum roll please*...I've lost 3 lbs!  That puts me at 27 more to go.  This was a rather HUGE milestone for me as it breaks a certain number I've been waiting to see change for a loooooong long time.  And when I think "Wow, all I have to loose are 27 more lbs!" it just seems SO doable.  Certainly more doable than the "Wow, all I have to loose are 110 more lbs!" I was thinking while pregnant with Rebekah.

Sometimes I wonder if being so close will make me lazy...but I'm so blessed that I have a sweet husband who encourages me and am surrounded with wonderful friends who hold me accountable.  SO...not only do I believe I'll get to that goal, but I do believe I'll stay there.  And yes - I ask myself that all the time.  I guess the benefit of spending 5 years taking this weight off is that your brain just changes over that time so that you can't help but create long lasting life style changes. :-)


Janette said...

Wow ok so I've gotten wayyyy behind on blog reading again! I still haven't gotten caught up, but wanted to say "CONGRATS" on your 3lbs lost! That's so great and I know feels huge!! Keep it -- we can do this together!! :)

Miriam said...

Thanks! We *CAN* do this! :-)