Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A prideful run

I mentioned before that I had been told that running is 90% mental

Last week I didn't get to run much.  I had trouble finding time due to staying home with kids with pink eye and no jogging stroller.  (I wondered how I'd do it if I was a stay at home mom briefly until I realized I simply didn't have the correct tools! ;-)  See?  Where there is determination...!!!)

Anyway, William was on call last weekend.  Typically these weekends are pretty miserable.  I'm pretty much the only parent available and it really wears me out.  I was feeling down and out because of my lack of running and the miserable weekend.  THEN - William came home (from a bogus call) and asked me if I wanted to go for a run.

Of course I wanted to go for a run!

So off I went.  As I was running I started thinking about the kids...they were particularly terrible this weekend.  They weren't listening and fighting.  The not listening can be pretty typical (it goes in phases), but they very rarely don't get along.  Add on top of that one cranky baby and let's just say it definitely wasn't a weekend I wanted to linger.

On this particular run I ended up walking a lot.  And in the end my time was 30:14 for 2 miles.  I thought about this and decided this was just further proof that running definitely has a mental aspect to it.

Monday I went for another run.  This time it was hot and I kept cramping up.  I again ended up walking a lot, but my time was better.  28 minutes and something.

Tuesday I went for yet another run.  On my way to the run I had been feeling discouraged that I hadn't been able to run the entire 2 miles for the last couple runs.  So this time I decided to pace myself.  My goal was run it all and prove to myself I could do it.

The first mile was easy enough.  With all my running, it still amazes me how that has become a piece of cake.  I plugged on through and kept going.  I made lots of bargains with myself and strengthened my resolve.  The further I went, the more I knew I could do it.  So the bargaining became "Well you've gone this far..."  And I did it.  I was super proud of myself on this particular run for making it.  And my time ended up being 26:42.  Not too shabby (for me).

I believe this proves that running is 90% mental, with the other 10% being mental. ;-)

Today I just did a strengthening workout (and some walking in the form of purse shopping).  Tomorrow I will run again.  We will be visiting my in-laws this weekend, so my plan is to go on another run Sat afternoon or Sun morning.  There is a very pretty road that I ran on last time I was there.  It is very hilly!  But a fun (and tiring) run. 

I still haven't weighed myself.  My mornings have been funky this week thanks to Ruth's weird sleeping patterns.  Hopefully I'll get to that tomorrow!

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