Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kicking my butt...

I can handle busy at work.  I can handle busy at home.  But...when I'm busy at work and at kicks my butt. 

Last week we had Vacation Bible School (VBS).  I fell into bed exhausted every night...and took a 4 hr nap on Saturday (and woke up dragging) and another 3 hr nap on Sunday.


I did weigh myself on Monday and the good news is I didn't gain any weight. :)  After the way I ate last week and the lack of exercise...I was actually pretty happy with that.

Today I ran 1.5 miles in 105 F.  Can't say I loved it...but I was pretty happy I did it.  I needed to do it.  My exercise has been a mess!


Janette said...

I'm with you there -- busy in all aspects of life at the same time is super draining! I can't believe you attempted the 105 degree heat with your run, but I'm super impressed that you did! Way to go!! I honestly sit back and see all of your posts and just say "wow...that used to be me...she's doing awesome". That's about what I think each time! :)

Miriam said... goal is SO CLOSE! I can see the finish line! I can't quit now and running is important to getting to that goal! :-) I knew if I didn't run, it would be week 2 of lower exercise and I wouldn't good with that. I'm too cheap for a 105F run it is!