Thursday, July 7, 2011

Running Partners

The last time I ran with anyone was actually my very first 5K race.  So, it has been awhile.  And my friend Janette mentioned she'd think about going running with me.  So I kept asking her...apparently third time is the charm!  She finally went with me!

It was a beautiful morning!  She kept insisting she couldn't run very far - but she ran the entire 2 mile run!  And I couldn't have been more proud!  I was proud of myself too - I had run 3 miles the day before and was still a wee bit tired from that!

Running WITH a friend is just as fun as by yourself!  The time went by really fast!  We didn't talk much (hey, we were busy HUFFING and PUFFING!), but having company drove us to run a little faster and further than we would have otherwise! (I seriously would have walked about 1.75 mi.)

I have another run setup in a couple weekends with a different friend.  I'm nervous about that one as she is more experienced (and FASTER) than me...but it will still be fun.  And I'm certain it will also be challenging!  This friend just signed up for a marathon!  And has run a half with ease!  So yes...I'm a little intimidated.  But running is about giving and taking.  I'm certain she'll have to slow down for me, but I'm also certain I'll have some speeding up to do!

In the weight loss arena I forgot to update from last week.  So this week, I'll have two updates!

As of last week, I had lost another 3 lbs!  I'm not sure why the huge losses all of a sudden!  But so far so good...I certainly have been eating plenty!  So that put me at a total of 24 lbs to loose.

This isn't so pretty.  I gained 2 lbs.

I'm not exactly sure what happened, other than I was experimenting with eating a little more due to some milk supply issues.  A balancing act.  NO WORRIES!  I'm back to basics (tracking what I'm eating the next couple of days) to ensure I don't have two bad weeks in a row. :)  I've decided my milk worries are really very mild and I shouldn't be worried about them anyway.  I have plenty in the freezer!

I also have one other hurdle - my friend and I would go walking after lunch daily.  We typically walk approximately 2 miles.  The issue is that she is 9 mo pregnant, and has determined to take it easy.  SO.  No more walking.  Now what am I to do?  This extra exercise daily has been important.  So I need to either start hitting the gym or go walking by myself.  Something to figure out!  I don't believe running 4 times a week and doing strength training 1 time a week will be enough for me. :-)


Janette said...

Woohooo does it make me a celebrity when I'm mentioned in a post? HAHA!! Let me say running the entire 2 miles that day was purely GOD!! As I told you that day, I prayed all the way to the park that morning that my foot would not hurt at all and that I would be able to keep up with you for even longer than I imagined I could. BOTH of those happened. I had only been running 1 mile on my own, but when we hit the 1 mile mark together I thought "ok another .25 so I can say I went further"....then it was another .25....then I saw the parking lot to our right and thought and even said "We can do this!!"!! I was feeling sick at the end because I had pushed myself so far...but boy it felt great when we were finished!! Can't say I've done it again on my own...but I'm determined I will and I've gotten very close...1.60 before walking!! AND -- I could have easily walked at the 1.75 mark with you, but certainly glad we didn't! GREAT job in getting 5 miles in in 2 days -- I had forgotten you did a whole 3 miles just the day before. Yikes -- sorry lol!! :)

Miriam said...

I was ridiculously proud of you! :-) And we will have to do it again!!