Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Some funny conversations

My kids were simply cracking me up this last weekend.  I can't even pretend to remember everything they said, but here are a few highlights.

- Rebekah was telling me about her day.  I don't recall exactly what she had said, but I replied "Neato!"  She looked at me and said "Mom, what does 'neato' mean?"  Next thing you know I'll be explaining what 'cool' means or getting eyerolls telling me "Mom, that is SO 80s!".

- William and I were discussing dinner plans.  He asked me if I had any.  I told him I had put some chicken and beef in a marinade for fajitas, but we didn't have to eat it.  Peter exclaimed "YAY!  We don't have to eat marinade!"

- Peter is terrified to go downstairs himself, and was trying to get Rebekah to join him.  She replied "Peter, there is no need to be afraid!  Jesus is with us always!"  Made my heart melt!

- Peter is also terrified of flies.  Rebekah very lovingly told Peter that anytime a fly came near him, "Just do this Peter!" and proceeded to very casually swish her hand.  It has helped him a bit.  He is still afraid of flies, but will very tentatively swish them away.

I think I spent the whole last weekend just laughing...

And since I'm talking about these two, there are a couple milestones worth mentioned.

Rebekah can read now.  She does a great job and is reading small books.  She loves it - and it amazes me some of the words she figures out!

And Peter has started spelling his name.  P-E-T-E-R!  I think it helps that it is shorter - Rebekah certainly wasn't spelling hers by this time...but she had a few more letters to remember. ;-)  But I'm proud of him nonetheless!

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