Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another Monday Weigh-In

Monday rolled around again...and again I weighed myself.  Before I get into that...

While involved with Wellness Warriors, I received a copy of "The One-Day Way: Today Is All the Time You Need to Lose All the Weight You Want" by Chantel Hobbs. She sent it to us free.

I don't really need it.  I don't have the time to read it.  I've pretty well gotten all the wisdom from Chantel that I can get.  (Which...I've sucked up a lot.)  So with that said...I'm going to give it to someone.  If you are interested in getting this book...leave a comment letting me know.  If I get more than 1 person interested (seriously now...I have like 2 folks who read this! ;-) ) I'll use random.org to pick someone.  (If perchance someone outside the US is interested - sorry...I can only mail it to US residence only!)  The comments will close (for this give-a-way) next Tuesday Aug. 9th.

And in other news...William is home with Ruth this week.  She's under the weather and we determined to keep her home for the entire week.  (I'll post some info about that some other time - the Lord's hand has been at work and is amazing!)  Because he was at home, the timing worked out to where I was able to go run this morning.  And it was beautiful!  80F, slightly breezy, puffy clouds!  I loved it.  I clocked in at 26:22 for my 2 miles.  I really wanted to do a 3rd mile, but I couldn't get it squeeze in without being overly late.  Ah well...and since today is supposed to be 110F...I'm super happy I was able to get it in.  I'm hoping to do this again later in the week (Wed or Thur).

And now my weigh-in...

Total lost from my heaviest:  89 lbs
Total lost since Feb*: 22 lbs
Weight lost in the last week: - 1 lbs
Weight left to loose: 21 lbs

Another pound zapped and one step closer to being below 20 lbs to loose.  :-)  With this heat, running has been tough so I'm not expecting huge numbers and am so happy with this 1 lb loss.  For some perspective...in June I walk/ran 57.2 miles.  In July I walk/ran 32.3 miles.  When I noticed this - it really made sense.  Getting out in 110+ F weather is not something I enjoy.  I do it because it is good for me.  And clearly my miles ran are reflective of that.  (OK - and my walking partner stopped walking at the beginning of July...being 9 mo pregnant she just didn't have it in her anymore! So that is also part of these numbers!)

I have some more thoughts on all of the support and encouragement (and some interesting observations) I've received, but I will have to save that for another post. :-)

*Feb is when I began working on finishing loosing this weight.  I had paused this effort when I became pregnant with Ruth last year.  Loosing weight while pregnant is not advised.


Janette said...

GREAT job, Miriam! That is awesome that you are down yet another pound! Can you imagine what it will feel like when you are in single digits left? You are almost there.... :)))

As for the book -- I don't know that I care to own it...sooo if you get someone who would like to own it and benefit from it, by all means, they should get it. If not, I would be interested in flipping through it and looking at different parts in it (but I can find an e-book of it for Kindle too possibly)! I could then give it back to you until you find someone to pass it on to...(unless that *someone* posts here now)! :))

Anonymous said...

I'd like to enter the book drawing or I could read it after Janette! I currently don't have plans to return to Wichita until Thanksgiving and I could return it at Christmas time :-)

Keep up the great running! You are definitely a trooper for running outside in the heat. If you want to mix it up, try interval running. I love it. It helped me shed the final few pounds I was trying to lose last summer (due to my daily Starbucks habit). A year later and the weight is still off. ~Lisa