Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sibling relationships explained

The other day I was telling Rebekah that someday...Ruth will borrow her shirts.  And she'll come running to me all upset because Ruth not ONLY borrowed the shirt...but she spilled something and it stained.  I told Rebekah that I'd calm her down and we would get it resolved...but at the END of the day Ruth and Rebekah will still be sisters...a very special relationship indeed.  She beamed.

Then I told Peter that in the very near future, Ruth would get into his stuff and tear it up.  He'll be mad, but he'll love and adore her anyway.

Peter looked up at me and with all seriousness, trying to process exactly what I just told him...said..."When Ruth is an adult like me..."

Yeah...I busted up laughing here.  Peter was perplexed and not really sure what was so funny.  He was thoroughly pleased he had made me laugh though.  Then I apologized for my outburst (and not listening) and asked him to repeat what he said.   "When Ruth is an adult like me...she'll tear my stuff up.  But I love her!"

Yep.  You got it.

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