Monday, August 15, 2011

Running for Jesus (sounds hoaky, but it's true!)

My weigh-in days will have to be Tuesdays.  Monday has turned into a running morning...and will probably stay that way for awhile. :)  So I have no update today.

BUT...I do have something I want to share.

Jesus talked a lot about how He was here to do His Father's business, and he wasn't leaving before it was done.  (Refer to Matthew-John.)  I've been thinking a lot about this...

In order for us to do all of the work God has planned for us, I would imagine that there isn't much time for running off and doing our own thing.  There is no such thing as going "above and beyond" with God. 

So Wednesday I woke up to the crackle of thunder and the split splat of rain drops.  Flashes of light momentarily lit up my room as I sat up.  I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and proceeded to get up anyway.  There have been many times where I've gotten up and the storm has cleared up as I stepped off my front porch for a run. So I went about my morning preparations. 

When I got close to finishing up, the rain was going strong.  I thought of some good reasons to not go running...including the obvious "It's raining!" reason.  The Lord has told me before whether or not to run...and this particular day He very specifically told me to GO.  I got ready and thought "He's gonna make the rain stop as I step out again!  Hooray!"

I took a step off my front porch...and nope.  It continued to rain.  I hesitated for a second, but again heard the "GO".  I continued to the car and hopped in.  As I pulled into the very empty parking lot of the park, I again hesitated.  These hesitations were small...if you were watching me you'd never know it.  But they were there in my heart.  I faithfullly got out of my car and went.  It was a light rain.  I thought "Ok, He's waiting until I started my jog before easing up on the rain..."


It only began raining harder.

I wasn't pelted, but it rained a "medium" rain the entire jog.  I sloshed my way through the puddles and wished I had thought to bring a hat.  I kept my phone in my pocket (I usually carry it and check my timing regularly) and wiped the rain out of my eyes. 

I spent a lot of time trying to decide whether I liked running in the rain.  I didn't hate it.  It certainly was a huge improvement over some of the 100F + runs I've done.  And I think if I had a hat to keep the rain out of my eyes, I'd been perfectly fine.

I completed my run feeling very satisfied that I had done it.  I returned to my car and turned the key...and nothing.  Nothing.  Nothing.  Nothing.  I paused, took a deep breath and tried again.  My car started.

Sometimes, I think we don't have to pray a specific prayer.  Prayer isn't formal.  The Lord had been with me on my run.  He was right there with me in my car.  My sigh was all the prayer I needed. 

My radio made a loud racket (previously off) and I noticed my clock was set to 12:00.  Sure signs my battery had died and the Lord had started my car.

In the two minutes I drove home the Lord also showed me a plan for how to get everything done that morning with little impact to our schedules.  William was to go get the battery changed.  I was to get the kids ready and drop them off at daycare.  Yep.  William drove my car.  And the Lord kept it running.  We followed his plan and I was only 30 min late and William arrived at work on time.

Yeah - it rained.  And we really needed the rain.  Honestly, who wants to go jogging in the rain or change a car battery in the rain?  Probably not anyone's first choice.  But the Lord was providing for our environment and for us all at once.  We got it all the rain.  It was a blessed morning.

And because I was faithful, my day was blessed.  I was able to get absolutely all the work He set before me to do that day, including finalizing some school details for my daughter.  My day would have not worked out so well if I had to get a battery change later in the day...including possibly missing a fun work outing that occurred that afternoon.

The next day I was bound and determined to get another shorter run in.  I felt a little tugging in my heart that maybe I shouldn't go on that run. My kids were up.  I was running late (to get out of the house for the run).  I didn't really S.T.O.P. and ask God what His plan was for my morning.  *I* really wanted to go.

So I went and did my thing.  My morning was chaotic and my day chaotic.  Would it have been less chaotic if I hadn't gone running?  Possibly.  I don't know for sure what the Lord's plan was because I didn't bother asking.  I knew what I wanted to do.  I do know that I would have had inner peace had I chosen to ask and follow His will for my day.  After all, the day before wasn't exactly "calm", but it certainly was peaceful.

Once the difference in my days dawned on me, I made the determination to ask God what He wanted each and every day.  I went running Saturday (my first 4 miler) and it was blessed.  I went this morning.  It was blessed.  I'm a slow learner but I get there.

I almost forgot to ask this morning in my zealousness to get out the door so I wouldn't be running "late".  (I get to work about 30 min later on running mornings than non-running mornings...but that is OK.  I can fit more running time in staying 30 min later in the evenings isn't a huge deal...I pick up kids at the same time anyway.)  The Lord stopped me in my tracks and requested I sit down with Him and chat.  I did.  We talked about some prayer requests and showed me where to pray.  Then He told me to go run.

And you know what?  I had a blessed morning.  I was particularly blessed that William woke up and took a shower ON HIS OWN while I was out.  That is a miracle people.  Peter was already dressed.  It was a great morning.

So my message of the day...go about your Heavenly Father's work.  Do exactly what He don't have to do anymore than that.  You certainly shouldn't do any less than that.  He'll guide you not only in the super large life changing things, but in your day to day management as well.  And you'll be blessed for it.

It is one of those lessons where I'm going "Duh Miriam!"...but sometimes it takes a bit to take to heart those simpler lessons. :)

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