Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday Weigh-in Day

Apparently...it is weigh-in day.  And I did just that this morning.

Total lost from my heaviest:  91 lbs
Total lost since Feb*: 24 lbs
Weight lost in the last week:  0 lbs
Weight left to loose: 19 lbs

Nadda.  I'm sure next week will be better.  I'm so happy it wasn't a gain...I literally have that fear every single time I step on that scale...no matter how my week has gone!

It has been a busy evening with meet your teacher night!  I'll be posting more on that later! :-)

*Feb is when I began working on finishing loosing this weight.  I had paused this effort when I became pregnant with Ruth last year.  Loosing weight while pregnant is not advised.


Janette said...

oh no -- now I have to change it to "It's Tuesday, Tuesday...."?? HA!!! So glad you're finding time to run in the mornings vs evenings! I always found morning runs were better runs for me -- less food to "weigh" me down...more energy etc!! Hope you're finding the same!

Miriam said...

I haven't noticed much of a difference as far as eating...I'm probably more ambitious in the afternoon because I've had time to think about it all afternoon. What can I say? I'm a contemplator...