Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 years remembered

Ten years ago, I sat glued to my phone at my desk listening to the local radio station play the events of the day.  I hadn't been working here for very long (I had only started in May) it was novel to even have a desk.  I wondered if it was OK that I sat listening...but I couldn't help myself.  This event was too large to pretend like it wasn't happening.

I was horrified when they reported at the plane crashed into the building in NYC.  I was horrified to hear that another plane crashed into the Pentagon.  I was relieved to hear another crash was diverted, but sad to hear that people lost their lives there too.  And my heart sank as they reported that the building collapsed.  I wondered about all the people that were still in the buildings, what they were thinking during the collapse.  I wondered what it was like for them.  I wondered about the families.  I had no direct connection to the events, but they played out in my head in a very personal way.

Large news events happen...but every once in awhile there are those events where you just remember where you were and what you were doing when you hear about them.  Two others (for me) are the Challenger explosion and the OKC bombing. 

I read this article a few months ago, and it brought a new perspective to me:

I view this day as similar to the Perl Harbor attack.  There are very few actual attacks (of this magnitude) on our home soil.  I think each and every one is worth remembering and each and every one is worth teaching our children about.

My heart and thoughts are with those families who lived this day 10 years ago. 

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