Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ant eaters aren't *really* blue

I've been meaning to share this for awhile.  The kids have been dying to go to the zoo to see our komodo dragon, the ant eater and the baby chimp.  Well...Rebekah has.  Peter got to see the latter two earlier in the summer.  It has simply been way too hot so we haven't been to the zoo in quite some time.

I can't remember when we went...but ran across the pictures and thought I'd throw them up. :)

Why are we here again?
So first up was the komodo dragon.  I forget why the kids became interested in seeing the komodo dragon, something to do with something they saw on TV I'm sure.  Anyway - we went.  Turns out our zoo doesn't have them anymore.  Someone commented (while we were staring an an exhibit full of caimans) that the komodo dragon had passed away.  Ah well...there was still a statue of one.

Next up was the ant eater...who was really active this particular day.  The ant eater came up because they were watching the Pink Panter related Ant Eater cartoon.  I forget what it is called.  When I noted that there were really such things as ant eaters, but they weren't blue...the kids looked at me wide eyed and wanted to see a real one.  So it made it on the list of things to see at the zoo.

Oh I remember which day this was...the day the kids got hair cuts!

We watched the ant eater for quite some time and of course I took gratuitous pictures.  What can I say?  We have a large hard drive for a reason...

Aaaaand we saw the adorable baby chimp and that was it.  It was a short zoo trip made possible by living right next door and a membership.

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