Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The addiction

I am officially addicted to caffeine.  At least, for the moment.  I'm not fond or proud, but it is what it is.

I've been considering giving it up.

Last week work installed a new espresso/latte/cappuccino machine.  It shoots out 'Bucks product.  And it is free.  This morning I gave it a try.

I barely touched the button when it came shooting out of the machine.  I had selected "latte", thinking to myself that I really need to look up the official definitions of these things later.  Out came milk and caffeine in its finest form. Then I stared at my cup.

Yeah...I need some flavoring.

So I thought for a moment, then remembered my normal morning standard...coffee + hot cocoa...YES! I thought to myself!  I'll give hot cocoa a try!  I picked up a spoon and headed back to my desk with my water and breakfast in hand (the real reason I was in the cafeteria in the first place).  I picked up a packet on my way by and miraculously did not drop anything.

I stirred in the chocolatey no-sugar added goodness...and?  And?  AND!?!?!?!

Yummy goodness.

My desire to kick the ol' habit suddenly disappeared and I fought the urge to run back for a second cup.  I think I can stand to be addicted to caffeine...at least for a little while longer.

Ok ok...I did go back for a second cup...but it wasn't until lunch! :-)

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