Thursday, October 13, 2011

368 days later...

Usually I'm more contemplative around birthdays...especially that first one.  But this time?  Not so much.  I'm not really sure why. 

I will say I have been employing the Ostrich method of dealing with things...I've been plugging my ears with my eyes closed saying "LA LA LA LA! THIS ISN'T HAPPENING!".  So that could be why this significant day came and went with only the normal amount of fan fair and very little moping on my part.

Or maybe I'm just in shock, that a year has passed since that wonderful day when my little blessing came into this world.  It really doesn't seem like it has been THAT LONG.

Ruth and I hung out for the day - my little tradition formed with the specific purpose of helping *me* deal with birthdays.  I often feel like time is my enemy...the Mac truck that continues to go on at its steady pace and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.

We started off the day with some breakfast - made at home. I made my favorite pineapple pancakes and turkey sausage.  Ruth enjoys them too (and is the only other person in the house that seems to like them!).  We followed that up with a nap...her choice but I certainly didn't complain.

Rested and refreshed we headed out on some shopping...and it was the craziest shopping trip.  While in Khols looking for picture frames (for her party), the lights went out.  I was in the back of the store standing in pitch black.  The workers all shuffled to back room - without so much as a "Hello".  I assumed they didn't see me and I hope that was truly the case.  I stood there for a few minutes, hoping they would come back on...but that was not the case.  I stood there for a few minutes longer pondering what to do.  I wasn't fond of feeling my way around - not with Ruth hanging out in the Ergo in front.  I didn't want her to get hurt of course!

Then I had what I can only describe as a lightbulb moment...when I job in the dark (which I do frequently), I use a flashlight app on my phone.  So I dug around in my purse...and TA DA!  I was in business.  I picked up a couple of frames I had been considering and headed to the front of the store.  While on my way a lady actually laughed at me.  I wondered if she would still be laughing when she tripped over something?  She had no light.  (There weren't even emergency lights in the was literally pitch black in the back of the store!)

There was one register working and they could take cash, so I pretty well lucked out.  I also got the picture frames for 50% off...and I'm fairly certain they were marked down as 40%.  I didn't bother to correct her because HEY...I had to navigate the store using my phone's flashlight...

I headed over to work after that for a flu shot (the only two days they offered it I happened to be out of office both days...the crazy part is I rarely take vacation!).  The ladies there were all more than happy to hang out with Ruth while I got my shot. 

Lunch with William followed by another nap...and some more shopping (again, for her party on Saturday).

At first I was sad that I ended up running so many errands during our time...but I enjoyed hanging out with her and she was happy in her Ergo hanging out with me.  We had a pretty good time overall.

That evening we ate out then went to Build-a-Bear so the siblings could pick out presents for Baby Ruth.  She finally fell asleep around 11 PM.  *sigh*  I hope to remedy the going-to-bed-late thing soon...

It was pretty nice getting two naps...and of course hanging with my sweet little baby.  And yes, even though she is now 368 days old, she is still my baby.

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Janette said...

Sounds like you had a great day with Ruth on her special day -- naps and shopping sound like a great day to me!! What a weird deal to be in pitch black inside Kohl's - glad you had your phone!! :)