Sunday, November 27, 2011

My first DNS...

This Saturday is the local Jingle Bell run.  I wasn't going to register at first, because I've determined not to run anymore races for awhile unless I'm running WITH someone.  I'm just tired of running by myself.  (There IS a time and place for it...)

Anyway - my dear friend Ashely and I were planning on running last Saturday.  She also mentioned she signed up for the Jingle Bell run - and encouraged me to do so as well.  So I checked with William and went and registered that day - it was the last day before the prices went up.

TURNS OUT...William is on call! ACK!  And because of that I'm not going to get to go...resulting in my FIRST did not start (DNS).

There is a slim chance his coworker will take over for the money.  (Hourly coworker who is perpetually broke...) So I've got my fingers AND toes crossed...because I was actually looking forward to it.  I was marveling in the fact I signed up for the 4 miler and the 1 miler (only $5 more) and knew I would be able to complete it NO PROBLEM.

On my recent post-Thanksgiving run in Oklahoma
And the Saturday run?  Glorious.  It was cold, and I can't say I enjoyed it WHILE I was running it (also VERY windy) - but I had great company which made it worthwhile.  We ran 4 miles.  I also had run 4 miles the day before - so I was starting to feel it.  And the last mile or so...oh my goodness...Kansas MAY be flat which seems like an easy run.  But we have ENTIRELY too much wind.  And after running HILLS the day before I fail to see much difference between our brisk wind and a hill! :)

The GOOD news is I made a personal record...the 4 miles was done in 50:51.  And I owe that entirely too Ashley.  She made me run in the wind (something I tend not to do - those seem like good walk breaks haha) and she tends to run faster...I definitely need to run with her more often! :)

I've taken some photos from my various runs lately - and you'll be seeing them pop up on Wednesdays.  We've had some gorgeous scenery - one of my many reasons for running!

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