Monday, November 21, 2011

The worst spanking EVER

Awhile ago Peter and William were horsing around in the kitchen.  William was swapping a kitchen towel at Peter...looooots of giggling.  THEN - William accidentally really got him with the rolled up towel.

Peter cried and cried and William of course felt horrible.  We gave Peter lots of TLC and an ice pack for his butt.  Ice packs are magical - even in the bottom area apparently.  He sat in my lap holding the little pack to his bottom whimpering for what seemed like forever.

This last week at dinner we were discussing spankings.  Peter declared that a spanking with a towel is the worst ever spanking.  It has replaced the SPOON (which we have begun using because Peter simply doesn't care about a hand spanking...and unfortunately it is one of the few effective punishments for him).

Rebekah looked at Peter in disbelief and said "A TOWEL?  Seriously?  Peter I think you are crazy.  They don't hurt!"

Peter:  Oh yes they do!  I had to have an ice pack!
Rebekah: But they are soft!

Peter then declared oh-so-matter-of-factly "Then YOU try it!"

I love family dinners.  They are probably one of my most favorite times of day.  It is a time to listen to our children, find out what is going on in their lives and enjoy the company of one another. I believe this time will become a protected family time for as long as possible.  :-)

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