Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Oops...there is more to running (Ruth at 20 months)

NOTE: I intended to add pictures to this post.  I've had it for nearly 2 weeks now.  So I'm to come.  (I know that is why everyone reads this see my adorable kids. ;-) )

I reviewed my last few posts and noticed that they have all been about running.  Ha - completely unintentional.  I don't even think about running all that much anymore - it has become an everyday part of my life.

So - I thought I'd share some cute kid stuff.  For example - Ruth is 20 months now.  I haven't done a post about her in quite some time!

Ruth is currently working on jumping.  It cracks me up - I don't recall the other two working so hard at this skill.  Maybe it is because she sees the other two doing fun things like jumping of the couch...or on the couch...and she wants to join in.  But she walks around and when she intends to jump she will squat down (she does beautiful squats!), and then upright her body.  She looks like she is gong to leave the ground - but she pretty much stops her momentum so she ends up just standing up straight really fast.  It is adorable.

Ruth has also taken to throwing her food (either bits or the whole plate) and standing up in her chair.  When we tell her "Don't do that!" or "Sit down!" or "Eat your dinner!" she replies with a "NO!".  And she smiles.  So you have a tough time being mad.  But honestly this behavior has to stop.

The other day we were eating at a Mexican restaurant.  We let Ruth have her own salsa (she loves the stuff), as she tends to leave bits of chip in there.  And frankly, babies tend to make anything they are eating gross.

Anyway...the salsa bowl was pretty close to empty.  Ruth is pretty fast.  She picked up the bowl and flung it across the room.  Salsa went FLYING everywhere.  William and I hid our faces in shame and peaked out from behind our hands.  Turns out no on saw it.  And the salsa just barely missed hitting the bum of a woman sitting in a chair near us.  I started thinking about what it would have been like if salsa had hit that woman.  "Hey - there's salsa on my pants...on my butt.  How'd THAT happen?" 

Well - I laughed. I couldn't help it. 

Back to Ruth! 

The other day I walked onto the playground to pick the kids up.  Peter was minding his own business, spinning on a playground toy.  Ruth was standing at the fence, her little chubby hands holding bars and her face poked through.  And she was hollering "DADA! DAAAAAADA!  DADA!  DADADADA!  DAAAAAAAAAAADAAAAAAAAA!"  It just cracked me up.  First - that Peter was actually ignoring her.  This doesn't happen very often.  Ruth has Peter wrapped around that little pinky of hers.  Second, that she was calling him "dada".  For about a month every time we were in the car, Peter told Ruth to call him that.  Just the day before she started, and he responded by saying "I'm not dada!  I'm bubba!"  Oh boy.

Ruth calls Rebekah "Bekah".  I'm of course "Mama".  She sometimes call William "Dada", sometimes she calls him "Mama".  She calls Solomon "Puppy".  She doesn't call Peter much of anything. I suspect she is still figuring out his name thanks to the earlier confusion.

Her vocabulary is pretty large - and funny.  For example she calls all drinks "Wawa".  She just won't say "Milk".  But she can say "back-oe" (back hoe).  Clearly "K" isn't an issue.  She also often chops off initial sounds..."oes" (shoe), "ox" (socks) for example.  There are a few others too.  But she is an excellent communicator.  And if you get it right (" want some milk?") you are treated to a huge grin, some giggles and clapping. 

She is getting so big so fast.  I'm already in denial about the fact she is almost 2.  In fact, I usually tell people she is 18 months when I'm asked how old she is. ;-)

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