Thursday, June 14, 2012

The stinkybug

In the wee hours of the morning, Peter likes to crawl in bed with me and cuddle.  He doesn't always get too - as he tends to wake up after I'm out of bed.  And sometimes he will request cuddles even if I'm mad dashing around the house (which I try to accommodate as much as possible).

And often when Peter disagrees with me he'll say "Well I'm still your cuddle bug and I love you anyway."  An example, "Peter, put four on the floor please or you'll lose your chair."  "Ok - but I'm still your cuddle bug and I love you anyway."

So the other day we were sitting on the bed and he was getting his cuddle time in when the following conversation happened:

Peter:  Mom, I'm your cuddle bug and I will be forever!
Me:  Awww, I love cuddling with you!
Peter:  I'm YOUR cuddle bug, and I'm daddy's STINKYBUG!
Me: [laughing...can't help it] You should go tell Daddy!
Peter:  [runs into the bathroom where William is]  Daddy Daddy Daddy!  I'm your stinkybug!
William:  Oh...ok...that's good to know.
Peter:  See? [toot]
Me:  [again...laughing]

So last night William is putting the kids to bed. 

Peter:  Dad!  I'm your STINKYBUG!  [runs over and toots on William]
William:  OK! If you are my stinkybug, then that means I get to toot on you too! [returns the favor]
Rebekah: [A little nervous]  Dad...I'm *JUST* your cuddle bug...right?  RIGHT?

Who knew bodily functions could be so entertaining.  I was glad I wasn't in the room.

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