Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Where's the biscuit?

Saturday and Sunday mornings I'm treated to (practically) a breakfast buffet.  William cooks a large spread for us - and I love it.  :)  I'm spoiled, I know.  He'll cook up biscuits, scrambled eggs (or an omelet if you want one), turkey sausage, bacon and gravy.  We never know what the kids will eat.  Sometimes Rebekah will just eat cereal.

And they are forever asking for biscuits, smearing jelly all over them and then not eating them.

Last weekend we were all sitting at the table and Peter asked for another biscuit.

The food rule in our house is that you have to eat some of the other stuff on your plate in order to get seconds of something.  Not necessarily all.  And this rule is flexible...for example, if what we are having isn't all that healthy (say pizza and bread sticks), I will usually let them eat whatever.  It doesn't really matter in the long run.

He had eaten a fair amount of the scrambled eggs and his bacon.  William said "What?  Where did your biscuit go?  You just had it!"  Peter looked around, under his chair and his plate..."I dunno!"

William:  Did you eat it?
Peter: No.
William:  Well what did you do with it?
Peter:  Maybe Solomon ate it. (plausible...except...)
William: No, he's outside and has been the whole time.
Peter:  [blank stare]
Me:  Peter are you SURE you didn't eat it?  Maybe it is hiding in your belly...
Peter: [huge grin]  YEAH!  It is hiding in my belly!  That silly biscuit!

Oh my...I do believe he ate it.  I saw him chomping away on it but last I had noticed there was still a half a biscuit.  We did end up letting him have another one. But the fact he couldn't remember just cracked me up (and is very typical behavior of Peter).

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