Thursday, August 30, 2012

Denver: Day 2

Day 2 was a Sunday.  We started the day by attending C's home church.  I love visiting other people's churches.  It is so much fun to see how other folks get their church on!  Despite the fact that Ruth decided she needed to go potty and get 3 drinks - the service was pretty enjoyable.

Afterwards we decided we would take a "quick" drive through the mountains.  Time did get away from us and we ended up closing our adventure entirely too late (OOPS!), complete with one car-sick kid in the back (DOUBLE OOPS!) - but I think everyone had fun.  Rebekah still declares the mountains as her favorite so far.  In fact, she drew a sweet card for all three C, R and A that included her rendition of mountains.  (I still need to send them...haha.)

Here is a picture barrage.  I don't think I need to say too much - they are pretty self explanatory.  :)

Ruth *loved* holding A's hand.  I think the feeling was mutual!

How amazing it would be to soar through the air so high like this bird!

Highest point - I don't recall what it is called.  Created by a glacier!

Valley just below highest point...notice thin trees!

At the top of the mountain it was in the high 50s.  When we started out, we were in triple digit heat.  What a nice way to escape the heat!

A snow patch - playing in the snow in July?

Ruth's first snow - we didn't get much last winter!

Heard of Elk.  C promised we'd see elk - she didn't disappoint!

The rest of the herd!

The mountain was awesome.  I loved driving up there but driving was a little bit hairy at points.  I'd love to go back again sometime with someone else driving so I can look out the window. ;-)

I'm so glad we took the time to go.  Rebekah loved her first mountain experience and asked every day (we were there) if we could go back.  I'm hoping to make another trip next summer (as C will have a new bundle of joy for me to meet!) so that Peter can also see these awesome sights.  Showing the kids what God can create is pretty important I think. :)

One more day!  On day 3 C had to work - so Rebekah, Ruth and I ventured out on our own.  I can't wait to post about the dinosaur bones and aquarium.  It was an adventure FOR SURE!

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