Wednesday, August 15, 2012

One little girl's prayer

Yesterday we went to meet the teacher night.  We don't find out who our teacher is until this very night.  School started today.

But let me back up a little bit. 

Rumors swirled around end of last year that Rebekah's teacher may move to 1st grade.  Then on the very last day, she confirmed that she would in fact be moving to first grade.  She also cautioned me that anything could happen this summer, and even suggested that I could call the office and request her as a teacher if I'd like.

I would have loved to.  We love her.

Rebekah wanted her and voiced that to me.  And so I would explain that we would have to wait and see.  I also explained that if she didn't get this teacher, that it was because God had something better in mind for her.

Oh how I wanted to call.

But...God has been rather straight with me.  I am to leave Rebekah's education to Him

Why?  Well - I do like to control things.  I like to get in there and make sure things happen how I want them too.  This leaves very little space for Him to work.  And the biggest thing He has been teaching me the last 3 years is to stand back.  SURE I trust Him.  I do - with my whole heart.  But standing back and not "helping" can be kind of tough for me. 

So I didn't call.

I thought about it frequently.  But I still didn't call.

I was chatting with my pastor's wife on Sunday, and she said "One thing we always said was that we are preparing our kids for the road - not the road for the kids!"  I hung onto this word of encouragement from Sunday to Tuesday evening.  It was an affirmation that I'm not a negligent parent. And it was probably the last little bit of "umpf" I needed to keep from calling.  I appreciate the God sends these random bits of encouragement when we need it!

Tuesday rolls around and we head to meet the teacher night.  At first as I was reviewing the class lists I was trying to figure out what order the names were in - random? Alphabetized - but by what?  First name? Last name?  It finally dawned on me as I skimmed to just look at the one list.  So I zoned in on the teacher's name and reviewed the list carefully.

There was Rebekah's name.

"REBEKAH!"  I exclaimed!  "GUESS WHAT!  YOU GOT MRS. B!"  Rebekah's little eyes lit up and a huge grin spread across her face.

"I prayed the ENTIRE SUMMER I would get her!  God listened to my prayers!"

And you know what?  My heart melted and I was blessed.  If I had called - credit would not have gone to where credit was due.  God is building a relationship with Rebekah, and it is important I let Him do so.  In all my controlling ways, that is something I would never want to interfere with.  How I would have screwed things up if I hadn't been obedient.

Hmmmm...I guess He really does know what He is doing after all!

And there is a bit more to the story.  Why did Mrs. B get moved up at all?  At this point I can only surmise that it was part of God's master plan. 

Originally - it was because there was going to be an extra 1st grade class and one less K class.  BUT - they ended up moving one 1st grade teacher to 2nd, and then of course Mrs. B to 1st.  There was still going to be one less K class.

BUT - I noticed when looking at the class lists, that there are still 4 K classes.  So why didn't they just leave Mrs. B there, the 1st grade teacher there and just hire in a new 2nd grade teacher?  That seems like the easiest solution instead of all the shuffling.

I can't really tell you.  And I'm not going to question it.  I'm thrilled we have Mrs. B again!

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