Friday, August 17, 2012

Denver: Day One

I'm going to have to do this trip in bite size nibbles, which is fortunate and unfortunate all at the same time!  :-P  (Saves from having one huge post...)

So day 1 was pretty low key.  As soon as we arrived the girls all jumped in their swimsuit to give A's new birthday slip n slide a try. 

Rebekah tried it - but otherwise the kids weren't really terribly sure about it.  Ruth sort of splashed a bit here and there in the sprinkles.  A walked along it...and tried sliding a couple times but some things just need practice. :-P

All in all, the yard got some good water and the kids had fun.  That of course is most important.

A is a bit camera shy.  She of course smiled before/after this picture. ;-)
When Carolyn had mentioned that she was going to get the slip and slide out, I just put Ruth in a regular diaper.  I had brought 3 little swimmers and figured I would wait until we really needed them.  (I wasn't sure how much swimming we would end up doing.)  After sitting in the pool - a natural bubble butt formed.  Poor Ruth - it was hilarious really.  We sat laughing for a long time before we finally just took her diaper off.

She didn't really let it stop her though.

A was pretty great about sharing her pool.  For 3, I was seriously impressed with her sharing skills overall.  Often kids have a lot of trouble sharing their own toys.  Consider she is an only - that makes it that much harder.  Obviously it is because has completely awesome parents. :-P

One last shot of the two sisters on their little trip.  We had so much fun (over the entire trip) that I am seriously hoping that there is a tradition here somewhere. :-)

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