Thursday, October 18, 2012

Back to your regularly blogging program

Oh my - I realized today that I haven't posted any blogs related to the new baby.  I know my blogging has been rather sad lately.  It is simply a reflection of the turmoil (for the lack of a better word) my life has been in.  Things I still need to blog about include finishing up the Denver trip, a trip to South Carolina with good friends, Rebekah's birthday and of course Ruth's birthday.

....oh...and our new dog named Max. 

Adventures I tell you! 

Rebekah's birthday included 5 little girls in a sleep over - if that isn't adventurous I don't know what is!

But the focus of today's post is the new little baby bean I've got.  At 20 weeks, I'm still wearing my regular clothes (although they are feeling a bit snug these days - and honestly I just look fat in them).  I of course feel flutters.

But the thing I really wanted to talk about was a doctor's report I received last week.

If you recall, last time I was pregnant I ended up at the diabetic specialist right off the bat.  I didn't particularly want to go again.  I felt like God was reminding me that I've been healed.  And therefore I would pass the glucose test.

So last week was the 'BIG ULTRASOUND'...the one where they check the baby for defects and if you so choose, find out the baby's sex.  We of course again chose not to find out.  Afterwards I met with the doctor.  He told me I wouldn't be taking the glucose test.  He saw no point, since I was checking my blood sugar regularly.

This point scared me a little bit.  I mean - that seems to be a lot of personal responsibility.  But then I realized I haven't really taken it since I was pregnant with Rebekah.

Then he told me he also was not going to diagnose me with gestational diabetes (which he has for the past two pregnancies).  He said as long as my sugars are doing well, there is no reason to assume it.

This was surprising to me and is a complete God thing.  This is not in this doctor's characteristic.  The fact I've been 'diagnosed' each time and only took the glucose test once is proof of that. I could certainly explain it away but I'm not going too.   As far as I'm concerned, this is an answer to the prayer I had been praying - which was to pass the glucose test and NOT have a GD diagnosis on my record this time around. 

So how have my blood sugars been doing?  Well - the other day I ate two pieces of cheesecake (moment of weakness).  I checked my blood sugar 2 hrs later and it was 104 which is perfectly acceptable.  (Supposed to be under 120.)  However - I've had a few times where that wasn't the case, so I do have to watch what I eat and balance it out.  I'm finding that if I'm 'really good' at dinner, being naughty a little later is no problem.  I'm also finding if I abuse this too many times in a row - it can be a problem.  So once in awhile treat really must be once in awhile. 

Hey - at least I can have a treat. :-P

I find this comforting simply because with the holidays coming up, I was rather sad at all the goodness I'd be missing.  Sure - it would be just one holiday season.  And sure, there are things I can skip without a second thought.  But there are things (Pumpkin Spice Latte anyone?) that comes around once a year and I look forward too. 

I won't be making candy this year, I'm not sure what I'm going to do about Thanksgiving meal (we'll be out of town - so I don't have a lot of control over the menu) and I'm still considering what will be on the Christmas menu.  Yes - I'm already thinking about Christmas!

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