Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In the news: Hypocritical Christians

I read most of this news story:

Star of 'Two and a Half Men' Angus T. Jones urges fans to stop watching, calls show 'filth'

So the gist is this guy says folks should stop watching the show because the content is morally bad.  It talks about how guilty he feels being on the show.

My first point, and perhaps a caveat, is that I have no idea as to when this fella came to this conclusion or how that ties with his contractual obligations.  I know there are always outs with contracts, but sometimes those outs are pretty expensive.  Perhaps he doesn't have the money.  I don't know his situation.  In general, I'd say that people shouldn't do things that feel wrong to them.  We ALL have choices.  Some choices are harder than others.  I'm rather certain it wasn't easy for Moses to return to the place where he had a murder charge waiting for him.  Or for Paul to head to Jerusalem when he knew that nothing but trouble was waiting for him.  Why?  Because God asked him too.  (See Exodus and Acts respectively.) 

So - not knowing what his situation - I think talking trash about the show that your coworkers probably are pretty proud of (most people take pride in their work) isn't exactly a great way to open doors to share God with them. 

All that has happened here is another case of Hypocritical Christianity.  To speak out, but accept payment and spend time in creating/participating just adds fuel to the fire and doesn't help anyone. 

I'm speaking without knowing the full situation of course and just based on this article.  But the fact the article was written just proves my point.  People love to see hypocritical Christians because it 'proves them right' - giving them another reason to add to their stack of incorrect assumptions of why they don't need Christ.

We are a fallen people in a fallen world and will never be perfect.  Never.  So this kid shouldn't be hung out to dry.  I really just wanted to point out that while this kid probably thinks he is furthering the Christian cause - I'm not so sure. 

Of course - getting people TALKING about Christ (good or bad) is always a good thing.  Talking opens up doors and information sharing. 

But I do hope he takes a moment to evaluate his life, options and figures out a better way to glorify Christ in his everyday life.  Because these kind of actions simply do not do that.  This may seem contradictory to my previous statement - but opening up conversation and actually building trust relationships with people to teach THEM about Christ are different.  One is a by product - one you are actively seeking out to do God's will.

Finding a mentor (another actor perhaps) would probably be this kid's best bet to help teach him how to navigate these waters and balance living IN this world but not OF this world.

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