Wednesday, December 5, 2012

27 weeks - all is quiet

I haven't blogged too much about this pregnancy mostly because it has been rather uneventful.  I am careful about how I 'cheat' and my blood sugars remain good.  (For example:  Eating 3 slices of pie at Thanksgiving left me high...but are we REALLY surprised?  Don't forget the stuffing!)  I tried to be good...I really did.

Last night I had roasted chicken, cole slaw, a wee bit of baked beans, and a couple slices of really yummy bread.  Blood sugars was all good.

I'm actually starting to look pregnant.  I'm using all my shirts from last time and one pair of pants (that I bought towards the end of my pregnancy).  The rest were all too large and I happily donated them.  At least - it was happy until I realized I may have to buy MORE pants.  I'm going to try to just deal with what I have!  Two ought to cover me for awhile.

Baby is kicking like crazy.  And last night I had this discussion with William.

Me:  I can't imagine adding one more to our family.  It seems like a dream.
W:  You always say that.
Me: [shocked] WHAT?
W:  You say that every single time.  You said that when you were pregnant with Rebekah.  You said that when you were pregnant with Peter.  You said that when you were pregnant with Ruth.  And then after you have each kid, you exclaim "I CAN'T IMAGINE LIFE WITHOUT THIS BABY!".
Me:  I do?
W:  Yep.
Me:  Huh.  Well, I guess you know what I'm going to say after this baby is born then!

I will say - I have not enjoyed being pregnant this time around.  The overall pregnancy is just fine - it is just that I know what life after baby is going to be like for awhile.  It takes me quite awhile before I get things back together again.  You know - socially, me time, organization...etc etc.  Pumping is super time consuming and I'm not all that eager to jump back into that again (but believe strongly enough in it to do it).

I am again looking forward to 3 mo off hanging out at home.  I believe it will mostly be fun. :)

I simply do not have a lot to say this time around.  I don't have names picked out (and if I did, I actually wouldn't tell!) and I never know what to say to folks when they ask how I'm feeling.  How am I supposed to feel?  You know - besides "What the heck have I gotten myself into?" kind of feelings.

And at the same time I feel so blessed that the Lord has given us 4 beautiful kids.  (Ok - I'm guesstimating on the 4th based on the other three...haha)  I don't know that I wanted a larger family when we started out, but rather grew into that.  And I'm grateful.  While other kids have cousins, mine don't.  And now they will grow up to and have one another to depend on.  I appreciate that more than words can describe.

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