Friday, January 18, 2013

Can you definte 'nap' please...

Peter has been having a tough time lately.  He's been getting into his fair share of trouble at school and I'm not really sure why.  (Small stuff that results in timeouts.)  But one thing I've noticed is that if he doesn't at least lay down and have some down time, he's a mess by the end of the day. And usually if he'll lay down - he'll also fall asleep.  It isn't for very long, but long enough to help him think clearly.

So on a Saturday I sat down and explained to Peter that I'd really like for him to take a nap.  I explained how he tends to make bad choices, and his favorite sitter was coming over to play with him.  I said "You don't want to be naughty for her do you?"

Peter sat there and thought about it a moment.  He's pretty logical - so typically if you can get him to see your point he'll go with it.  This works WAY better than traditional punishments (although it is time and energy consuming!).

He pursed his lips and then looked up at me.  "Ok - I have to close my eyes?"

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