Saturday, February 2, 2013

Denver: Day 3 - Downtown Aquarium

After checking out the dino fossils, we were hungry.  Ruth fell asleep in the car nearly immediately - and so I didn't really want to wake her.  I told Rebekah if we found a place along the way with drive through, we'd stop and get some and eat in the car.  (This was to let Ruth nap a bit.)  I actually didn't see any places with a drive through...but to be honest it was hard enough figuring out where I was going (thank you Droid GPS!) and paying attention to traffic to also pile on "look out for eats" in the middle of that.

We found the aquarium and so I drove around downtown Denver a little bit looking for some place to eat.  I think I drove around about 20 minutes in a HUGE circle...and never saw a place.  The aquarium also had a restaurant in it so I decided we would just check it out instead.  Back I went.


We headed in to the restaurant portion and found it was a 2 hr wait.  Our tummies were quite clear this was not acceptable.  It only would take approximately an hour to make our way through the aquarium, so we figured we would again look for an eats place after the aquarium.  The girls and I headed BACK to the car and had a bunch of snacks.  (The nice thing about road trips?  There is usually food in the car...starving is simply not an option!)

Back in again we went and as I was standing in line I noticed that the aquarium was part of the nation zoo association.  Many of these places will give a discount to members of sister we headed BACK to the car again to get my zoo card. :-)  Yes...anything to save a buck.  In this case it turned out to be for nothing.  I was told that the aquarium was recently purchased by new owners and they were choosing to not honor any discounts.  Well BOO on them!

We headed in the building and I was immediately greeted by stairs.  I had a stroller.  So I had to wait for the ONE super popular elevator.  (There were A LOT of strollers there that day...and about 1 stroller could fit on the elevator at a time.  Poor planning says I!)

While we waited, Rebekah posed as a deep sea diver.

The tanks were pretty neat.  They had both freshwater and saltwater fish tanks.

This fish was large enough it could probably have eaten Rebekah for a snack.

The sea horses were pretty darn neat!

I love the wonderment on her face!

An attempt at a group shot...

In one of the tanks, a show went off every hour with mermaids swimming around telling kids to keep the water clean.  One of the mermaids blew Rebekah a kiss.  (Yes - it was directed at HER...)  Made Rebekah's day.

"Hey turn around and smile!  Let me get a picture of your face"
"Awwww I HAVE too?"

I've always had a soft spot for jellies...

At the end of the aquarium I found a hot dog stand.  I've never been SO HAPPY to see a hot dog!  I fed the girls and immediately felt less of a failure as a mom.  (Who doesn't feed their kids?)  It was like 3:00 PM by this time...

There was also a tank with manta rays that you could pet.  Rebekah loved it.  You could feed them for a price but I was stingy.  In hindsight, I do wish I had let her feed them.  I mean - how often do you get to do that?  I usually spring for stuff like that, but for some reason this time I didn't.  (I don't recall the price either.  Perhaps that is why... :-P ) 

You also got go meet the mermaids and pose with them.  They had some kid there that would take pictures for idea on cost but everyone had their own camera.  He even moved for me to get the best angle... :-P

We also ran across a photo-booth.  Rebekah wanted to do it and I thought it would make a great keepsake.

Yeah...Ruth wasn't really cooperating...which I think adds to the hilariousness of these photos.

When we left it was still super hot.  They had a sprinkler thing out front.  Rebekah had wanted to play on the way in but I wouldn't let her.  (I had no way of knowing how cold it would be inside.)  So we played in it on the way out.

Ruth watched from the stroller for awhile.  She was still pretty wilty.  But then she decided she needed to join in on the fun too.

Soon after we got a phone call that C was off work.  HOORAY!  Time to head to their house to hang out.  More fun was to be had there... :-)  STAY TUNED...

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