Sunday, February 3, 2013

Denver: Day 3 - Chillaxin at the homefront

After hitting up Dinosaur road and then the Denver Aquarium - it was time to go back to C's place.  She had gotten off of work early (YAY!) and I certainly didn't want to miss a moment hanging with her and her beautiful family!

Ruth FINALLY fell asleep (it was about a 45 min drive).  And when we got home, she slept more.  It was much later that evening that I discovered she was actually running a low grade fever.  So I ran to Wal-Mart and grabbed a thermometer and some infant Tylenol (C only had Children's on hand - which I didn't know the dosage for Ruth).

I do have a funny Wal-Mart story - which I will tell in a minute.

I should back up and mention that Rebekah was a bit obsessed with this cook book C had.  It was a Cheerio cook book and for some reason she really wanted to make something out of it.  Top it off, but Miss A and Rebekah spent A LOT of time talking about 'a party'.  They made hats AND invitations and she was insisting we needed some snacks.  (Well...honestly a party is only as good as its snacks...we ALL know that!)

She finally found a recipe that C actually had everything already.  So we agreed to go ahead and make them with the girls.  They were frozen yogurt covered bananas on a stick.

We gathered up all the ingredients only find that she couldn't find the straws (which is what we originally intended to use).  But no worries - improvisation to the rescue!

Getting all those ingredients set out!

Isn't that the cutest belly ever?
So we improvised with some spoons.  They actually worked pretty darn well.

This bananna is looking awfully good...perhaps I should make sure it tastes good?


Cooking is messy business!

While the girls were waiting on their snack, they went back to art.  I tell you - these two were certain two peas in a pod!  They both loved creating!  They made ALL KINDS of stuff.  I think here they discovered the paper purse...

 Ruth was a big fan of the kiddo kitchen and the kid-sized table.  She enjoyed coloring there...or just sitting there.  We had a bath here...

When the Cheerio yogurt covered frozen bananas were done the girls eagerly gave them a try.  I don't recall whether Miss A enjoyed them or not - but Rebekah wasn't a huge fan.  I found it pretty hilarious actually.  I think she talked them up too much in her head.

After all that fun, C read to the girls.  I just love the expression on her face here...she gets into her books. :)

So - funny Walmart story.  (BTW - this isn't censored.  If you are male, you might want to just skip to the end.  Hey - don't say I didn't warn you!) 

I bought a thermometer (for the drive home), infant Tylenol and I also bought some tampons.  I had expected AF to show up the next day, and realized I didn't bring supplies.  I'm checking out and there is a youngish girl there.  I'd say teen, but I'm getting old.  The teens these days look like little kids to me and college kids look like teens. :-P  (Shoot, some of the new college graduates we have been getting at work seem like kids! Creeeeeek...yep, that was my bones!)

She looks at my purchases and says "Fun night planned?"  I just starred at her.  Looked at my purchases.  Looked at her again...and said "Uh no."  I really was speechless and kind of wondered what kind of fun they have in Co! :-)

That wraps up our Denver trip.  It was entirely TOO SHORT but certainly packed with fun.  We headed out early the next morning - to make it home just in time to repack and head off to the lake for a night.  Why yes - while our Denver trip was done our traveling was not!

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