Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ms. Sassy Ruthie

Ruth has excellent verbal skills.  She has been speaking full sentences for awhile now and she is pretty understandable.  There are still times where it is hard to tell what she is saying - but she is pretty patient in guiding you through it.

William often says he wonders if she thinks were twits or something.  Because sometimes when you don't understand something she stares at you blankly...nonverbally communicating "I have no idea why you aren't getting this."  :-P

So I have a few funny stories that have made me giggle lately.

Ruth likes to run around and/or play musical chairs at the dinner table.  We are really trying hard to put a stop to it.  It leads to her being hungry later on because she is too busy playing to eat.  So a few days ago William looked at her and said "Ruth, I need you to go sit down and eat please!"  She thoughtfully looked at him, cocked her head and looked at the ceiling (clearing thinking) and then said..."Uhhhh...NO!" and ran off.  William grabbed her, put her in the corner where she stayed there entirely too happy.  "Ok, you can come out now!" he said.  She replied "No thanks.  I not done!"

Yesterday morning she pulled out half the diapers looking for the perfect diaper to wear.  She does this nearly every morning.  William sighed and said "Ruthie, I need you to clean up your diapers please!"  Ruth looked at the mess, looked at William then said "Nah.  You do it!"  It is so hard to NOT laugh when a 2 yo is talking back.  Really.  I was later retelling this story to her daycare teacher and she laughed and said Ruth did the same thing to her earlier that day.  I suppose Ruth is seeing how much she can get away with it. ;-)  (In both instances she was made to clean up her messes!)

Last night in the bath William picked up a bath toy.  Ruth said "That's mine!"  William pointed to her and said "HEY!"  She pointed right back and said "Leave it alone!"

And lastly...last night we were cuddled up on the couch. William asked what time it was - strangely we don't have a clock in our living room.  I have one on my kindle, we have them on our phones...if you press a button on the TV you can see what time it is...but there isn't a clock 'just there'.  Anyway!  I reached over for my phone and told him.  "Alright kids - you have about 5 more minutes and then it is bedtime!"  We all went back to watching TV.  A few minutes later Ruth looks up at me and says "What time is it?"  "7:43" I replied.  She said "Oh ok."  It actually wasn't bed time just yet - and she behaved as if she knew it.

Sometimes I forget that Ruth is really just 2.

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