Saturday, June 8, 2013

Paul at...however old he is!

The thing about returning to work is that during maternity leave, I knew exactly how old Paul was.  "He is 9 weeks and 3 days" I told someone one time.  That person cocked their head and noted how precise I was.  yep. 

Since I'm not really tracking a return to work, it gets a little trickier.  I told someone one time that I usually switch from 'weeks' to 'months' after I return to work.  That is true this time as well.  "Oh, he's about 3 and a half months."

Funny how that works.

Paul is cooing - a lot.  He loves being talked too and he loves 'talking' back.  He has this big huge smile that takes up his entire face - and he reserves it only for those times he is being talked too.  Otherwise, he is one serious baby.  And when he is concentrating hard he has what I like to call a 'duck face'.  He focuses intently and pooches his lips out...just enough for a classic duck face.

Paul's current hobbies include intensely examining his feet, talking to people, crying (particularly when he isn't being held), clearing the room with his gas and of course pooping.

In fact, we have renamed the 'bumbo seat' to the 'poop seat'.  He tends to poop while he is in it.  I recall Ruth doing the same thing.  What is it with the "bumble bee" (as Ruth calls it) and pooping?  It tends to blow out too.

Paul is already in size 2 diapers.  However, I think the next diapers we buy will be 3's.  I still have a few 1's laying around...and he really is too big for those.  I'm just trying to use 'em up.  I have some 2's...and judging by how they fit and the fact we buy diapers in bulk...3's might just make the most sense.

I can still squeeze him into 3-6 mo outfits.  He is super long and so it takes some tugs to get the snaps done.  However, I've got 12 mo outfits mixed in his drawer.  Those aren't overly large either.  He's a big boy and is routinely confused for a 6 mo old.

Rebekah loves carrying Paul around.  I let her around the house...but am nervous to let her outside of the house (re: hard cement for example).  She is kinda clumsy and I'd hate for something to happen while she was holding Paul.

Peter showers Paul in squishes and smooshes.  I don't think he knows how to express love differently?  He did the same thing with Ruth.  The kid LOVES babies though.  I try really hard to not yell at him too much or push him away too much.  But sometimes it just overloads MY senses...I can only imagine how Paul feels?  Peter also likes to declare his love for Paul.  "I love Paul more than the carpet!"  Um...ok.  So one time I asked him..."How much do you like [the current thing he was comparing his love for Paul too]?"  He replied "Not very much."  Alrighty then!  Glad we straightened that out. 

Ruth is gentle and sweet with Paul...most of the time.  She will talk to him and sometimes is perplexed that he doesn't answer.  She prefers if I answer for him.  Sometimes I will pretend that Paul is praising her for doing something (for example...getting her PJs on herself).  She will giggle and say "Paul do it again!"  She gives him the sweetest kisses that I hope to never forget...bending over him and ever so gently pooching her lips out and slobbering on his cheek.  She loves sitting in my lap when I'm holding Paul - so I do my best to make sure to never say "I can't hold you, I'm holding Paul."  This is tough.  She isn't usually happy with just sitting NEXT to me like Peter was.  But it is good.  I have even figured out how to nurse holding both of them.  I'll take my cuddles while I can.  When Ruth isn't sweet with is absurd really.  Randomly (and with regularity...but I haven't figured out a pattern) she will just walk up and slap Paul.  She hasn't hurt him too badly yet.  But still.  I don't understand it.  It is usually very sudden (as in she is standing there fine one second...even perhaps watching TV or something then turns around and whaps him).

Max is well enough with Paul.  When Paul is crying I will frequently catch Max 'kissing' him...sigh.  Great way to build his immune system right?  I'm all "Max!  Paul is not inviting you!" but Max is Max. 

I'm curious what kind of kid Paul will grow up to be.  I wonder if he will be as verbal as Ruth has been?  Or as ornery as Peter was or Ruth is?  Will he be sweet and crafty like Rebekah? Or do I have a whole new bundle of surprises waiting for me?

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Charity said...

I'm going with "all new" - for the win!