Friday, June 21, 2013

Rolly polly

This morning Paul was fussy.  I had nursed him.  I had dressed him.  I had other things to attend too.  I tried letting him hang out next to me.  I tried putting him in his swing.  He simply wasn't happy anywhere.  So I decided to try his floor toy.

I put him there, pushing him down so he can bang on the piano with his feet (he loves that) and look in the mirror (again - he adores looking at himself in the mirror).  No sooner had I pulled back my hands when FLIP!  He rolled over.

He was kinda mad that he was hung up on the side so I put him back.  I called the other kids over to watch.  They all gathered around and there Paul went again.  FLIP!

They all whooped and hollered cheery on little Paul.  How great is it that so young he already has a supportive family? 

Then Rebekah looked at me and said "I bet baby L taught him how to roll when they visited."

You see, we had visitors last week.  My dear friend C came with her two daughters.  Her eldest is 4 this month.  The younger is 5.5 months.  We had put baby L on the toy and she was flipping like crazy.  I think Rebekah might be on to something. :-)